The Importance of Small Changes in Life

Big changes are not that easy to make at all. However, it may end up giving you more stress and frustration. Life wouldn’t become instant and accurate with the new big chances at the first glance. As long as you stick to the change, it becomes more irritating and inconvenient for you. More specifically, when you are not achieving what you have expected with the change. The point is, only you are responsible for making your life the way it is.

Indeed, you aren’t a superhero, you can’t control every single thing in your life. But fortunately, there are also some things which are under control, or at least you can make a… change to them. As the line goes: “Whatever you don’t like, simply change it.” Even though it is not that easy as it sounds but that is why you should give a shot to the small changes first. Don’t you think starting with a small change in life is more likely productive than starting with a new big change? Well, yes, small changes are always pretty helpful in either giving you a constant ability to do something or making a wonderful, huge transformation in your life. A single little change in your daily life routine can literally provide you more positivity and healthy patterns to follow. Mark my words, it would be the reason for bringing the happiness and joy back into your life that has been missed somewhere in, what we call, “daily life”.

Play smart and proactive

No need to reach the higher goal, try to make smaller changes. For instance, take a walk with your dog for 30 minutes instead of 15. Choose stairs instead of elevators if not necessary. Don’t park the car right in front of the entrance of the destination, so that you can take some extra steps through walking to reach the entrance. And apparently, these changes will count as a light exercise of your day. With these light exercises, heavy exercise or maybe a workout is a greater option to keep you active physically as well as mentally throughout the day. Do remember, you are not going to be an athlete or a weight lifter, therefore, keep the exercise simple and easy for you or the way you like it. These sorts of exercises will not only make you super active but also keep you stress-free.

Engage with nature more rather than technologies

We do know the importance of technology in our daily life. But you wouldn’t believe that technology is responsible for making our lives shorter and stressful. That’s because of the complex excessive and inappropriate use of technology. We just forgot the actual meaning of technology anyhow. Well, either theoretically, scientifically, philosophically, or psychologically it is proven that we need more engagement with nature in order to make our mind as well as our body calm and happy. The benefits are numerous. For instance, spending time with nature can heal your inner griefs, make you comfortable, fight your anxious and depressed thoughts, keep you happy, and many more. So, spending a little time with nature is a good change in your daily life.

Try to complete your work at your desk

I often used to bring my pending work home and one day I realized that it is taking me more time to complete the work at home because of the distraction caused by laying on the couch or bed, kids, communication, guest, etc. The point is, multitasking is productive though but it also makes you a bit unproductive at the same time. In order to be more creative and productive, you need to stay away from distractions to keep the focus on your work, which can only happen while you work at your desk. Similarly, while working on an important thing, try to turn your TV or phone off to get rid of distractions.

Don’t delay small things

You must have experienced (maybe once or many times) waking up late in the morning and finding no time to make your bed. Maybe you leave your empty cereal bowl on the countertop because you are already late for your work, and pick it up after you get back home. Well, if you notice, these things like making your bed, washing an empty bowl, putting the things in their right place just take about 2-3 minutes. Is it that difficult? To be honest, these little, unnoticed things can be a major part of a big difference in your daily life. Also, these 2 minutes will give you the comfort that you need after returning home from work. You don’t need to wash the dishes, don’t need to clean the bedroom, don’t need to put the clothes, pillows, water bottles, food back to their place after you return home, all you need to do now, is relaxing. That only could happen because you have already done these things in the morning. And what is it take? Just your 15-20 minutes early wake up. Doing your work on your own, at the right time, will keep you able to manage your daily routine a way better than before. Eventually, it all leads to making your life happy and less complicated.  

Waking up early in the morning

Well no, it is not related to what I have just mentioned above. Actually, getting an early start can bring so many benefits…for yourself. Getting an early start doesn’t mean you have to complete the regular work before starting the day officially or you have to arrive to work early, no. Instead, getting an early start means spending some extra time for yourself or with yourself like enjoying your morning coffee without doing anything else, listening to your favorite music to keep your mood refreshed, doing yoga or exercise, and most importantly, praying. Starting a day with one of these things will give you a positive mindset and behavior all day long. All you need to do is, add just 15 minutes of early wake-up to your daily wake-up schedule. When you spend more time with yourself, you listen to your heart, you feel what you like the most, what you want the most. Following this change in your daily life can surely make a huge difference, according to me.

Practice gratitude and stay motivated through what you have

Appreciation is not an ordinary thing; it is a long-run game. Indeed, it is the easier and most simple change you can make in your life. Ever noticed that you have enough water to drink, a fine place to live, enough food to eat, enough money to spend, good people by your side? While there are so many who are unable to have those things completely but they live a happy life somehow. So, the point is, try to be more thankful for what you have. Before going to bed, think about it, think that you are living an appropriate life that is far better than various individuals, and say thank you, God! Thank you for your blessings upon me. If you make it your daily habit, you will not only notice everything but also, become thankful and helpful for others, for good. For your life, for your need, for keeping you happy. Eventually, you will realize that little things need more attention and they are able to either make you happy or unhappy. It depends upon you, on what path, you want to lead your life. Nothing is ordinary and normal, everything that is present in your life, was present, and will present, has a reason, a reason which you can’t think of. Therefore, do not take for granted anything. Be thankful, and be motivated.

Be kind

“If you have control over what you have power on, that means one day you are going to take control of what you don’t have power on.” -David Campbell.

No matter what kind of life you live, your daily routine does include interacting with few people, doesn’t it? Either a bartender, a barista, your neighbor, your coworker, or someone who meet accidentally; you have to show respect, gratitude, and kindness to them. Sometimes, it is difficult to keep up a happy response with everyone throughout the day because your day hadn’t started well, it is common though. But that is the time when you need to be more practical, calmer, and kind. At my workplace, some people are so generous, kind, and ready to help but on the other hand, some people give a kind of unpleasant vibes, whether it depends on their mood on their way of attitude. But I always keep myself kind to all of them, and that’s what makes me satisfied at the end of the day. Whether I achieve something or not but at least I didn’t make anyone unhappy. Spread love, not hate and rudeness.

Furthermore, here is the thing for you in case someone treats you unpleasantly: “Responding badly to a person who responds badly is not an intellectual contact but stupidity.” Raymond Molden. You don’t know the other person; you don’t know what is making him/her feel awkward during the moment. Responding to people doesn’t show something about themselves, however, it shows a lot about yourself. Therefore, treat everyone equally, avoid racism and criticism. Spread kindness, appreciate other’s efforts, and eventually, others will treat you the same way. Start this change right away if you don’t behave kindly to people. Believe me! it will turn out incredible.

As far as these small changes are concerned, there is no need to start all of them at once in order to get the bigger results quickly. Because if you do, you will ruin the motive of making a change in your life and will stand on the same sort of change that I have mentioned in the beginning. So instead of that, start small. Make a routine with at least one small new change. You just need to prepare yourself by a habit of accepting life changes. All the best!

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