Stressed about experiencing stress?

Do you get nervous or scared simply thinking about giving a presentation the next day? Are you hesitant to try out anything new because you are concerned it may not turn out to the way you expect it to be? Is it upsetting to you that peers of your age are getting new jobs or settling abroad or otherwise living a better life than yours? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are in a state which is referred as stress. You need not to be concerned because it is a perfectly normal and typical condition for human beings. Stress is a common problem faced by every other individual these days. There are two types of stress good and bad. In fact, it has been established that modest amount of stress might even aid with performance for example, a student can well prepare for an upcoming exam in a stressful situation.  Prolonged stress also called chronic stress, however, can cause trouble which means it may affect your mental health causing anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

Contrary to common opinion, almost every individual around the globe experienced stress during the months of lockdown which begin partially or completely in many countries from the month of March 2020. People were genuinely stressed for a variety of reasons which is quite significant for all intends. Some people were stressed to contract a virus, while others were really stressed because of the lockdown and not being able to see their friends or relatives in a particularly significant way. Many individuals lost their employment which was stressful for them, and many students were usually anxious as a result of experiencing a relatively new idea of virtual classes and online learning which impacted the grades of many students, generating stress in a subtle way. The prospect of being alone in isolation was a big stress it and of itself. More than half of young women and around 30 percent of young men had experienced chronic stress. A comparable percentage of young women and men were found to have substantial anxiety issues.

Prolonged situation of stress can cause a variety of issues because of the adrenal and cortisone are released by the adrenal cortex in response to a stressor, resulting in physical symptoms in a human body for example digestive problems, sleeping issues or insomnia to be particular, anxiety, headaches, and depression. A number of issues impacting the human body also occur for example rashes, eczema, and severe hair fall. The person is constantly in a bad mood, irritated or angry which also impacts our ability to focus on anything. Stress appears to elevate our blood pressure, cause us to sweat and cause our hearts to beat quicker. It may even kill us if we have underlying heat problems.

Therefore, everyone should know how to deal with stress or stress management. Something you can start from home is daily exercising. Exercise is a wonderful stress reliever, unless done excessively which raises insulin levels. Theres also the option of yoga. And finally, there is most often mentioned stress-relieving activity: meditation or Taoism. Maintain a healthy diet, eat fruits and vegetables which consists of a variety of nutrients, proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids which can help you cope better with stress. Adequate sleep is also essential which means no caffeine in the evening and avoiding bright screens for an hour or two before bed. Reading is preferable to watching television or surfing the web. Taking up a pastime, as such as listening to calming music or doing jigsaw puzzles, can help take your mind off stressful events. We have all heard that laughing is the best medicine, and this while may be an exaggeration, laughter can lower hydrocortisone level.

If you observe symptoms of chronic stress such as being in a constant bad mood, irritated and getting upset over small things or matters, or not feeling like doing anything, never isolate yourself as it will give you an immense amount of time to accumulate negative thoughts. Get active and moving; do something you love and indulge yourself. Be it dancing, baking, a long walk or drive or anything else. Allow yourself some me time, get yourself something nice and pamper yourself. Don’t avoid your loved ones; instead talk to them about your feelings and be expressive about your emotions. Relationships that are stable help in minimizing stress, whereas disagreements raise cortisol levels. It is critical to understand what is worth debating over and what is not.

It is always better to seek professional help. Never try to deal alone with chronic stress. If you think you don’t have anyone to share your emotions with, just contact a mental health professional. They doctor may also recommend you some medication for better sleep. Eliminate sugar and caffeine or anything other unhealthy habits from life. Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. Alternatively, if you think you are fine and know someone who needs help, recommend them, and compel them to go seek professional help. Remember, if you are a bird, chronic stress and prolonged tension is like shackles on your feet, free yourself and fly.

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