Significance Of A Low Stake Circle – The Casual Friendships

The last few months ruled our lives without considering any say of ours, our friendships were thrown in a huge crack, from where it was hard to pull them back and regain the past flow but with every attempt it still felt like they were fading away.

Not just friendships but the domination of the pandemic was on all parts of our lives, education, jobs, casual lifestyle and bank accounts, they were all targeted by a rapidly spreading infection and not just our physical activity, but our mental health seemed to suffer a lot during the entire phase of the pandemic.

From walking till the bookstore to going to the coffee shop, we all at some point questioned ourselves if we’re stepping out of our houses with a major purpose and we mostly denied our requirements and locked ourselves back in our homes. Our decisions did keep us all safe but without a question it can be assured that our world was restricted till our house and our health, the main thing that we had to let go was friends, the ones we didn’t ever need to ask before meeting because we’d casually meet them while shopping the weekly groceries or during the daily jog.

Kindness And Its Primary Influence

Imagine walking your dog in a park, you find someone else walking their dog too and just to show a kind gesture you ask them something like, “Oh what breed is this?” and you might get a kind answer but at times someone might have a high guard and while staying cautious of a stranger, they respond with just the answer and move on with their dog. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with the next person who seemed to have a higher guard but according to research, people living in cities are more cautious of every step they take, having a higher rate of loneliness.

Try to have an attitude that portrays positivity that resides in you, this generally helps you and your kids to build better relations with others but also benefits you with a better mental health. Don’t worry about the conversation heading nowhere but a simple gesture of kindness will sure help, and it also does change a person’s perspective towards the world. When you carry your daily tasks, you might show yourself detached from the reality while keeping your guards up to just never step into anything that’ll be harmful for you but as a matter of fact, that does no good but only teaches your children that the world is not a livable place for anyone.

Pandemic And The Weak Ties

While our close friends are cut off during the current situation, they still matter a great deal to us but one way or another, we’re connected with them and that can be via the internet or our mobile phones, what we don’t focus on is the weak ties and they majorly matter in our lives. The concept of “weak ties” can be implemented here, we think of them as some casual people we might run into while registering ourselves into the fitness program taking place in the community center or just some office friends which we’re mostly not in touch with. These types of friends hold different backgrounds, races and different ideas and that’s where they start being considered as one of the major parts of our lives. Although these ties sometimes do turn out to be our biggest supporters or they simply might have an influence on us which could be positively termed as “friend influence” and sometimes we might not even know their names, but we do realize the fact that they are majorly important in our lives.

“These acquaintances help us realize what’s happening around us and constantly keep us updated about the current affairs of the world we live in,” includes Dr. Ella Larkins, who’s a professor at the Stanford University. The weak ties make us realize how fast the world is moving and how can one stay connected or keep himself on the track without being left behind, moreover, these kinds of ties help us apply for a job that fits our profile well or make us get in touch with someone who might prove to be a source of something we wanted to achieve for the longest time.

According to Pauline Veras, a professor of human geography, in the Stanford University, California, “To create a community of acquaintances which help you move forward, you need to put an effort to create that which later turns out to have a mutual benefit.” Mostly the connections we make allow our entire circle to benefit from them, you might need someone at times, there’ll always be hands that will help you climb a ladder and having a larger circle can sure help you with that.

Casual Friendships – The Bright Side

We might have some best friends but there’s always a need for casual friends, someone who can easily see your different perspectives without being bothered about what side you’re showing but that’ll merely be considered an opinion of yours and it also doesn’t require a million responsibilities to maintain them regularly, yes you’ll need to put a slight effort to keep them alive but you wont have to worry about how you look or the amount of cash you require to dine out with them. Casual friendships make us cherish the life we’ve got and to find some happiness in life you always do need some people.

With a best friend or just a good friend of yours, you’re always restricted to share what actually is present in your life, because whenever you have a meet up you’ll mostly be focused on the past memories and only one side of the story that exists in the world but with these types of friends you’re open to various ideas and you develop as a person when you come into contact with these people. Furthermore, these friendships are more sort of a grown up kind of friendships where you don’t have to stick to only one constant activity with a friend, you don’t always have to be at bars and go on parties together which builds an emotional attachment, but you might just go to a nearby café or grab a lunch from your favorite restaurant while talking about the things happening in the present without the need of reopening the chapter where you used to be 16 and how dramatic your sweet 16 turned out to be. Furthermore, even if don’t see them in months, they won’t bombard you with texts and complains.

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