Overcoming Decision Paralysis And Fighting Procrastination

Considering our regular lifestyles, we go through a daily requirement of decision making and in that process the decision completely relies on us. The most basic tasks are, what to eat for breakfast, should you make your own coffee or buy a one and lastly, the decision of what to wear at work. These all are the most basic decisions that a regular person needs to take daily. These contribute to the category of making smaller decisions in life whereas there’s another category, that has a higher demand from an individual and that’s bigger decisions in life. Its normal for people to procrastinate when these decisions require our attention to them in case you procrastinate for a longer period of time, then this is known as decision paralysis.

Decision paralysis has been known as different terms as well, for example “analysis paralysis” or “choice paralysis”. These have been the terms which normally refer to a condition where a person is unable to make an appropriate decision according to the need of time. It’s not only the decision but the amount of pressure he feels on himself and one of the factors is the future he wants to avoid which can most certainly take place after him taking a decision which might turn out wrong.

The Reasons Why We Tend To Fall Into The Decision Paralysis

Due to the increased number of products in the market, there has been a high witness of analysis paralysis in the attitude of the consumers. This mostly occurs due to loads of procrastination but also the will to achieve perfection. Meanwhile a human doesn’t always have the capability to achieve that stage at every phase of his life, but the fear of failure constantly keeps us involved in the process of decision paralysis. Supposedly, the most common factor is the internet, everything being available in the market has brought the people to a stage where its easier for them to procrastinate and make choices later which are a need of time at that particular moment.

Moreover, this isn’t an unsolvable issue but there are various ways one can find out a solution for this and instead of thinking it to be the end of the world, there are few methods that can come handy during this situation. Bringing another situation as an example, deciding in the department store where you need to select a bottle of orange juice might seem to be hard and this hasn’t been the case with only one but since the introduction of the internet and a higher variety in the market has complicated things a lot more than before. According to a research, immediate decision proves to be almost near a correct decision, although a slight expectancy is available which includes all the risk factors of the product you’re purchasing. Although a higher ratio clearly makes it more understandable that quicker decisions aren’t always the worst decisions you’ll be making.

One of the other reasons is having different thoughts running in your mind before you make a purchase, and this is how you’ll be prone to be stuck with a decision paralysis. While purchasing a product it’s necessary for you to know what you’re going for instead of getting distracted by other thoughts in that moment. Eradicate that unsureness of the purchase you’re making and know that it has to be the need of time. Keep yourself focused instead of thinking about your failures in that moment and this will sure help you fight decision paralysis.

Ways You Can Fight Decision Paralysis

In today’s paradise of consumerism, there are tons of options, and all require you to make your brain function and stay focused on what you really want from yourself. Don’t think of yourself as someone who has to make perfect decision as this will only lead to a higher confusion before making a purchase.

Don’t Pressurize Yourself With High Expectations

Stop putting a load of pressure on yourself and don’t expect the best from yourself as it only raises the normal human standard. Understand that its normal to be stuck into a decision-making paralysis and all it requires is one to be conscious about what they’re burning. Keep yourself focused but in case you procrastinate, understand the fact that delaying it will only lead towards higher issues and that’s the result of avoidance. Use the below mentioned techniques to find a way to avoid any decision and most importantly, remember that you need some appreciation from yourself and focus on the right approach.

Gather The Facts

Just gather some facts about what you’re about to purchase, a little research will help you with this. Talk to someone about whatever you’re up for purchasing or if it’s some life related decision and you need to make that then its better to talk to someone before then. Gather the facts about whatever you’re up for decision and if the list gets too long just cut down the extra points and narrow it down to some selected options that should be considered.

Allow The Positive Energy To Surround You

If you’re constantly surrounded by negative energy then there’s a high chance of you continuously face worry and anxiety about whatever decision you’re about to take. Keep a positive energy around you and if you don’t find one then allow some space that could help it build in your surroundings. This eliminates the source of toxic and negative sources of options that could allow you to make a healthy and positive decision.

Recognize Your Fears If There Are Any

 Mostly, decision paralysis is a result of fears we have built in our mind. This not only allows us to focus on the brighter side but also make healthier decisions without procrastinating. Once you recognize the fears you have inside you, it opens a larger option of how things can be done in a positive way as well.

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