Metamorphosis | Live Caterpillars to Butterflies

We had a blast one year with our caterpillars kit. You can enjoy watching live caterpillars turn into butterflies while homeschooling with these amazing kits.

We had a blast one year with our caterpillars kit. You can enjoy watching live caterpillars turn into butterflies while homeschooling with these amazing kits. This was our first attempt at trying to do something that I enjoyed as a child in school.

Back in my elementary years we would go into the field and collect a chrysalis from a milkweed plant and watch it grow in the classroom. Then there were other times when we just walked up to the field that had tons of milkweed to check in on the chrysalises.

Most of my elementary years were spent doing a lot of nature and outdoor type of learning, as that’s sort of how they did it back then!

Alright, so back to the story at hand. We ordered or butterfly growing kit online and waited for its arrival.

We used the Nature Gift Store to receive our caterpillars kit and live caterpillars. This kit comes with:

  • 5 Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillars with food
  • Pop up net cage with zipper
  • Easy instructions
  • And everything you need to complete this homeschool fun project.
  • NOTE: You can buy a butterfly growing kit without live caterpillars! You’ll get a coupon to save on your later purchase of live caterpillars when you opt to do this.

My sons are a bit older, but they loved doing this life science STEM homeschool project. I can’t seem to find the photos of our live caterpillars, but below you’ll see how they formed into chrysalises to later become beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.

As you can see above, the live caterpillars ate their food and did their thing to hang upside down until they were ready to become beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.

It was hard to get photos of the live caterpillars turning into butterflies, but the above photo shows four Painted Lady Butterflies eating their food inside the pop up net.

You can see their beauty in the below photo that we took outside while working to set these butterflies free!

Tips for Successful Butterfly Growing

You can buy live caterpillars all year round, but we wanted to time this so that we could set the Painted Lady Butterflies free during the onset of warm weather here in New Hampshire.

We felt that gave the butterflies a big chance of success in surviving out there in the wild.

It’s imperative that you keep the live caterpillars in a quiet space while they’re eating and working to turn into the chrysalis.

Once they have all hung from the top of their food bowl area, you need to slowly work to transfer the chrysalis to the top of the pop net butterfly growing cage.

The above photo is what you’ll see when you take the cover off the live caterpillars bowl. You need to do this part very carefully so that you don’t distrub the hanging caterpillars.

Once you have the cover off and the chrysaslis are hanging there all safe and sound. It’s time to attach them to the top of the pop net for your butterfly growing stage of this homeschool life science and family fun project.

I’ll be honest with you, they look disgusting to me! I did enjoy watching them transform though and once the butterflies emerged ready to eat their food we followed the steps to provide the newborn butterflies with their food.

They even got a watermelon treat, something they enjoyed a lot!

So, as you can see this was a rather fun family bonding activity that all three kids and us adults enjoyed taking part in last year. We hope that you’re able to get some live caterpillars and go through this process of butterfly growing with your family, too!

We were certain to let our butterflies crawl onto our hands! Ensure your kids understand that touching the beautiful butterfly wings will cause them to lose their wing dust and cause major harm to the butterflies.

While you did raise these beauties from live caterpillars to butterflies, they are still wild creatures who must be treated with care.

This is such a low-cost way to learn more about metamorphosis and watching live caterpillars grow.

Your kids will love learning more about nature and how beautiful butterflies are created!

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