Making Vanilla Ice Cream in a Bag

This is such a simple recipe that will take mabye 30 minutes from start to finish – homemade vanilla ice cream in a bag!

We never have enough room in our freezer for a thing of ice cream! We’re stocked up on many things and our tiny freezer simply doesn’t have enough space for much extra.

But the kids like ice cream.

The younger kid especially loves his vanilla ice cream.

So I started searching for ways to make ice cream.

I knew there had to be a way to make ice cream without an ice cream maker because homesteaders must occasionally make ice cream and probably don’t all own an ice cream maker machine, right!?

That’s when I found this fun idea – making vanilla ice cream in a bag!

We gathered the supplies, although we had most of the supplies with the exception of heavy cream, and we enjoyed some fun family bonding time alongside a little hoemschool lesson.

You see you get to learn more about how salt impacts the freezing point of water. This means the ice melts at a lower temperature than is typical.

Yes, the ice in this bag was melting at a 20-degree Fahrenheit reading!

If you’re just making ice cream in a bag for fun, then you won’t need the thermometer that’s recommended on our supply list below and included in our shop list of supplies for this activity.

The thermometer is just part of the learning session for homeschool fun.

So we had fun.

We learned a bit.

And then we enjoyed our treat.

You see, this vanilla ice cream in a bag tasted so close to the original vanilla bean ice cream that we love buying! It was a fabulous way to end a perfectly delightful weekend with the family.

Not only did we make ice cream in a bag once, but we’ve since made it twice and used it in root beer floats!

Notes for Homeschool Session with Ice Cream in a Bag

You’ll want to use your thermometer to check the internal bag temperature when you first put the ice into the bag. After putting the salt in, check the temperature again.

Then, check the temperature one last time when the ice cream has been created.

It’s a fun way to see how cold it gets and how the ice still melts even at such a cold temperature.

The salt lowers the freezing point so that your ice cream won’t take hours to make. Some people use “ice cream salt” to make their homemade ice cream, which is the same concept except it has larger crystals.

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