How to Conduct Yourself With Your Disorderly Partner

Cleanliness is a virtue and a quality to appreciate in people. Cleanliness, neatness, tidiness, having things organized in order are the good aspects of life many of us underestimate. If you are a cleanliness enthusiast, it is not unusual for you to be obsessed with it. But it sure is hard for people like you to live alongside someone who is on the other side of this cleanliness spectrum. It can be unbearable for you if the partner you co-live with doesn’t pay much heed to be tidy and keeping things in order. But, there are some pragmatic things you can try to enable yourself to live and coexist easily alongside your partner-in-crime.

Decide the Cleanliness Chores Via Games

Sometimes, the cleaning chore can be boring, even for cleanliness enthusiasts. More or less, it is all the same old process every time. Sometimes, it can even feel frustrating. Everyone likes a clean, tidy home with everything organized, but the process to make the house like that is only through cleaning. No matter the circumstances, cleaning must always be done. There is no second thought regarding this concern. So, if it feels boring, how can you make it interesting? What are games for? You can turn this whole situation around games. You can set up a dartboard with several cleaning chores names inscribed on it. Then you and your partner both take turns to throw darts at it to decide which cleaning chore will be done by who this week. Repeat this every week to add fun and induce some interest and excitement. Throwing darts will give you both the opportunity to change your cleaning duties every week. You can play a game on your phones new to you both. Then whoever performs better in their first level will get to decide who will do which cleaning task that week. There will be serious fun in this gaming-cleaning method if you both are cleaning enthusiasts. This way cleaning will feel more like fun rather than a boring task.

Give Complimentary Remarks and Rewards

Complimenting someone is a virtue that works like magic. It works exactly like a pat at the back. Imagine it on yourself. No matter how much exhausted you feel with drained energy at the end of your workday, a nice complimenting pat at the back will refresh you a bit. Giving compliments has that effect. So, apply this to your partner. For instance, if your partner does the household chores someday whether they dust the fans or do the laundry, give your positive feedback. More so, give them a complimentary reward. You will see this will brighten them up. Moreover, they will feel encouraged and will be motivated to do the house chores again someday. From time to time, praise their style of work, but be real and genuine. Don’t just compliment them to entice them in doing most of the work. Otherwise, it will just be flattery. With time, they will be passionate to keep things around in an organized fashion. You both will be sharing the same level of enthusiasm about keeping things clean and tidy.

Give Yourself a Break and Relax

If you are much more of an enthusiast about organizing things, that’s good. But maybe sometimes, you need to just pull back your hands and relax. The problem with being an over-enthusiast is that you try to do everything yourself with or without the consent of others. As a result, your obsession grows. So, it is recommended you don’t take things in such a manner. Don’t be an over-enthusiast in this regard. Adopt the policy of treading lightly. Besides, your partner has his/her different pace. And it will be a bit unethical if you force them to tread according to your pace. Sometimes, the mess or untidiness of things isn’t the problem, the problem is your attitude in these situations. You need to chill and calm down, and do not need to rush things. The next time you feel as if the ceiling fan needs to be cleaned, don’t immediately get on with it. Neither force your partner to do the cleaning. Maybe they have noticed the dirtiness too and are planning on cleaning it. And besides, the process of cleaning doesn’t have to start right at that exact time. So, taking a break away from things and not over-thinking is important.

Hypnotism Might Help!

Do you know how hypnotism can help you in several ways? You can make use of the power of hypnotism to accomplish several things you desire. For example, take smoking. You sincerely want to give up this bad habit but cannot force yourself to. You can do so by hypnotizing yourself. Maybe it will work. Or, you can also use hypnotism for weight loss. Moreover, there is one other use. You can clean the messiness and organize things by applying hypnotism to yourself or your partner. There are practical programs available for it. You can choose to enroll your partner in such programs. If needed so, you can participate in these programs alongside your partner.

Make Use of Creativity and Smartness

Regardless of any way or method you use to try encouraging your partner to pay heed to this matter, be mindful of one thing. Know that your partner has a completely different personality and is not like you. Your natures are not alike and do not correlate. Your partner has a different set of values and you have your own. But, you both are in this together. And just like you need two hands to clap, cooperation also ought to be mutual. This is where you should make use of your personality traits like creativity and smartness. Using these traits, you can come up with the solutions you both can agree on.

Reserve Spots for Specific Items

This is a useful tip that mainly concerns properly organizing things in order. Usually, organizing keys is a troublesome task in most homes. Keys are the things that can get lost very easily. So they must be properly kept in an organized order. And for that, what is the better way than reserving a place for them? You can buy a key holder from the market or make it at home yourself along with your partner’s help. After you’re finished making it, install it at a place easily accessible for both of you. A better way to do it is by installing it on the same wall as your main door. So, it will be easy to first hang the keys right after entering your home. One more thing is important. Both, you and your partner, should make it mandatory for yourself to essentially use this key holder. Otherwise, it will just be useless to have made it in the first place. Why make it if you won’t use it? Only if you use this key holder, your keys are less likely to lose. You will have something to hang your keys on whenever you walk in through your main door. It will be much of a relief. Now, this is just one example of how to organize things correctly. Give this matter further thought, and you will come up with different ideas.

Set Some Rules and Punishments with Mutual Agreement

Since you know how much cleanliness and tidiness matter to you, sometimes the others around you don’t have that same enthusiasm as you regarding it. And since you’re living together, it directly starts affecting you in several ways. It is understandable, as you are sharing a living space with someone not as cleanliness enthusiastic as you. So, if any one of them is disorderly even for a bit, the other one will feel the impact of this untidiness. To prevent this circumstance and to not suffer, you and your partner should sit and talk about setting some basic principles to follow. Set some rules and, likewise, punishments if any of you fails to abide by those rules. This code of conduct should be strictly followed by both you and your partner. Set weekly turns to clean the restroom. Likewise, if the responsibility to clean the restroom falls on your partner one week, you should clean the room. This is necessary to share the task of cleaning. Establish the code that cleanliness must be ensured in whatever way necessary. Punishments are like consequences of not taking this code of conduct seriously. But do not make them very hard and serious for the other one to bear. You can set punishments like when the next time comes for shopping of cleaning equipment, the punished one will have to bear the expenses. On normal days, keep the expenses equally divided between both of you. All these rules and punishments should be set with mutual agreement and clear knowledge of the other one. Otherwise, it will be unfair for either one of you.

Work in Partnership

Since it is established that if you will have to live with your partner and coexist together, you will have to cooperate. It cannot go on if it is a one-sided effort. You both will have to give an equal share from your sides. Then cooperating will be easy and simpler. But first, a common ground must be found. If you both have the same past-time activities, nothing can be greater than this. This way when you both are free, you can work on your favorite activities together. Share the specific details about what TV shows you both like to watch or movie genres you both prefer. Watching shows or movies together is another group activity in which you can both participate equally. Likewise, when you become so into doing things together in a partnership, you will also do cleaning together. It will become easier to share and distribute the cleaning chores between both of you. The purpose here is to build a partnership in which each one of you has some responsibilities and tasks assigned.

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