Handling Jealousy Efficiently When It Exists Within A Family

Jealousy is a common part of our nature that sparks in all of us normally, it might be positive or negative and the method of dealing with this is a delicate enough. The individual differences are to be clearly thought about before you put yourself in a position where you ‘re trapped in a closed path. Every individual has different emotions, and they require different ways of being dealt with when it comes to effectively dealing with jealousy.

Reasons Why A Family Member Can Be Jealous

Shakespeare has had his own way of referring to people who’ve been afflicted by jealousy. Referring this concept to be the “green-eyed monster” after considering the power and authority this little term has. The weight can only be considered when you find others around you becoming a part of this and then you’re required to filter out the people later.

Jealousy has its own reasons, and it can commonly be found at various households. The basis on which this “green-eye” stands on can be mentioned clearly or perhaps there can be other veiled reasons which are to be dug out before taking any action to reach any possible solution. One of the most common causes is self-comparison. When one continuously compares himself to another family member, there’s a high likelihood of this occurring in the family.

Secondly, there can be a portray of achievements, which they tend to be the highest and in the race to achieve what they’ve had after a long period of time, there can be chances of jealousy because another member fails to acknowledge the individual differences. When one thinks of achieving something has always been easy, that’s where one tends to get affected by this.

Understand The Signs Of Jealousy

This emotional attitude can be represented through several forms and to recognize that, you need to be able to know the signs jealousy can be portrayed in. Once you find yourself capable of understanding the basic signs, you’ll know the further steps as well. Here are few of the most common signs of jealousy you can expect from a family member.

  1. They’re mostly delighted over your failures, a smirk or a smile can be expected.
  2. That family member tries to duplicate his actions according to your daily methods of performing a task.
  3. They’re likely to taunt you or put you down once things don’t go according to your way. “I knew this was going to happen” is one of the toxic traits of an individual.
  4. Your positive intentions are twisted in a way that it later looks negative.
  5. There’s constant criteria set from their side when you think you’re doing your best, it won’t satisfy them because they raise their expectations.
  6. This family member is the first person to point his finger towards you whenever something goes wrong in the family.

Consider The Individual Feelings Of A Person

The major thing is accepting that every human has feelings and the person you feel like is jealous has them too. Look out for any reasons that can easily cost you peace and don’t bottle the negativity during this phase of your life. Look towards the positive things and the situation might not be as you consider it to be. At the end, look on the brighter side and accept what they feel as well.

Understand The Causes Of Jealousy

The root cause can be tough to figure out and needs conscious attention towards it. If you jump towards the conclusion without giving it a good thought, it has a high likelihood of resulting into severe complications in your life. Figure out what can be the most possible cause and what they try to point out towards more. If its possible for you then try having an open conversation with them and discuss the negative aspects of your relationship with them.

Communication Is The Key

Bottling up the feelings have never done any good in any aspect of one’s life. Communication has always been on the top when it comes to sorting out issues which were considered to be based on some signs which had no clear ground. When you open yup about what you feel about them, it gives a clear cut to the direction the problem is making you head towards.

Evaluate Your Personal Behavior

Instead of putting it all on other’s head, think if your behavior has been rational. Do you justify your own attitude towards them? Or has it all been an assumption and reality there was nothing wrong? One of the reasons is also thinking our emotional behaviors are always justifiable and there can’t be anything every wrong with it. try giving your own behavior and evaluation. This will allow you to understand that if the problem actually has a base or was it a reaction to your irrational behavior towards them?

Don’t Make Yourself Responsible For Mending Other’s Behavior

Don’t get yourself responsible for everything that goes wrong and you’re there to mend them up. Instead, if you feel like things are going towards the wrong side then stay back. Try to reconcile and if that doesn’t work as well then avoid becoming someone who thinks he’s supposed to be the fixer of every issue.

Handling The Jealousy That Stays In The Family

It’s not necessary that this is how your family will always stay like. There’s a possibility of things being fixed after a regular and healthy communication between the family members. To bring things on the brighter side, know the significance of your family values and avoid every inconvenience that occurs in the family boundaries.

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