Energy Drinks – Good or Bad? Let the truth be Told

We want to be energetic all day long. To be active, and doing anything tirelessly is a pretty amazing feeling, indeed. Exercising and eating a healthy diet are the sources of being energetic, which let us live a healthy lifestyle routine. Therefore, undoubtedly, I prefer healthy eating and keeping your body in motion to stay energetic. Anyhow, it is common that we often feel a bit tired and busy to follow our healthy routines. In that regard, drinking an energy drink is the best alternative for boosting our energy levels, and making us able to complete any task. So, let’s have a look at energy drinks and an answer that shows whether energy drinks are good or bad for us?

What exactly energy drinks are?

Energy drinks are generally known as the booster of energy, activeness, and alertness. Many students consume energy drinks for keeping themselves active during a late-night study, as well as some athletes use energy drinks as a source of enhancing the performing ability on the field and not getting tired. Although, some researches have shown that energy drinks or caffeine can boost muscle power.

Sports drinks are different from energy drinks

Yes, energy drinks and sports drinks are not the same things at all. Sports drinks contain electrolytes, minerals, carbohydrates, and they are flavor mixed drinks. However, sometimes they do contain vitamins and nutrients as well. Even though sports drinks can’t be a substitute for water but they can be used for hydration, which is, according to me, a better option. On the other hand, caffeine is the main ingredient of most energy drinks. Along with this, an ingredient called guarana is also presented in energy drinks. According to studies, guarana is considered a safe ingredient to use in drinks. It is called a stimulant.  

What would happen if we excessively consume energy drinks?

As far as the question is concerned that “are energy drinks good for me?” So, you should aware of the risks. Indeed, while energy drinks are useful to boost your physical performance and keeping your mind active, consuming too much isn’t a good option at all. However, you should know some of the things before consuming energy drinks. Drinking occasionally or once in a while isn’t a big deal but those who drink frequently need to aware of the chemicals, extra and artificial sweeteners, and unhealthy sugar (cause of inflammation) present in energy drinks. And what’s worse? Energy drinks do contain a habitual effect, which means if you consume excessively there might be a chance that you become dependent on them. Some risks are as follows:

  • Headaches: Drinking energy drinks can cause headaches because of the caffeine present in them.
  • Dental decay: Because of the high sugary flavored content, energy drinks can cause cavities to the teeth.
  • Increase in heart rate: Excessive use of energy drinks can disturb your heart rate; it doesn’t matter if you have heart problems or not.
  • Sleep issues: Conditions like insomnia and poor-quality sleep are mostly found in those who consume energy drinks too much.
  • Anxiety: Many energy drinks contain ginseng, caffeine, ginkgo, and guarana which can cause anxiety.
  • Behavior changes: Teen boys and girls who overconsume caffeine (mainly in energy drinks) are more likely to experience a negative change in behavior than those who consume less.

Can we have an energy drink regularly?

Well, it is okay if you drink a small energy drink regularly but you must keep an eye on the habitual routine and amount of caffeine you are taking with other drinks as well like tea and coffee. The best way to drink an energy drink is to find the one that has less sugar and fewer additives, fortunately, there are some available. Anyhow, you need to limit your consumption of energy drinks by knowing the fact that per 8 ounces, the drink contains almost 80mg of caffeine, as found in most energy drinks. Therefore, it is understandable that you can drink one or two 8-ounces drinks and not more than that. And don’t forget, many energy drink containers contain more or less 16 ounces.

Are energy drinks useful in weight loss?

Caffeine quickens digestion which could help you with losing weight. The issue is, that the sugar content in caffeinated drinks is extremely excessive, and provides in your everyday carbohydrate degree. This enlargement of void calories will depart you feeling less full. Odds are, you may head for a chunk whilst hungry, solving crafted by way of the caffeine. That, however, the pleasantness of the refreshment can construct your cravings for notably extra desserts. It’s a lot wiser choice to try to lose weight through weight-loss diets, smooth eating, and the eating of calming meals sources. Devouring protein is likewise an exceptional technique to lose weight.

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