Cute Perler Beads Ideas

Perler beads crafts are something that kids of all ages can enjoy, as long as they’re old enough to not put the beads in their mouth and you have an adult nearby to use the iron.

One of my favorite hobbies is making Perler Beads crafts. You can find many tutorials online for various ways to make neat things, like the Minion shown below using Perler beads.

This activity is something that kids of all ages can enjoy, as long as they’re old enough to not put the beads in their mouth and you have an adult nearby to use the iron.

Another way to enjoy Perler Beads is to grab magnets and glue to make beautiful magnets. I have the word JOY on my fridge to remind me to smile every time I walk into the kitchen to cook up something yummy for the family.

How to Make a Perler Bead Magnet

You’ll first need to find a good perler bead tutorial that shows the thing you want to make. I wanted to make words, but you can do anything and make it into a magnet!

For example, I could turn this American Flag into a magnet using this tutorial for how to make a Perler Bead magnet.

Once you have the Perler bead tutorial ready. You gather the supplies and start making your Perler bead craft.

I didn’t use a template for my joy magnet or my American Flag design, I just used my imagination!

You’ll use tweezers or your fingers to get the beads onto the Perler bead board. Repeat until the creation is complete.

Once your beads are all in place, you’ll need to heat the iron up and place the iron paper on top of your design.

Slowly move the iron on top of the design to heat the Perler beads evenly. This melts the beads. Once you iron one side, you’ll slowly pick up the design and place the iron paper on the other side to iron the design again.

This time, ironing the opposite side. Until your design is completely fused together.

Now that the design is ironed together and has had a few minutes to cool down, it’s time to grab your jewelry glue and place your magnets on the backside of your Perler bead design.

Allow the glue to dry and then you can place the magnet on your fridge or use for a holiday gift giving idea!

It’s interesting the various things you can make using Perler Beads. All you need is a few supplies!

Click below to buy everything you need to make the Minion, JOY magnet, or other colorful design with Perler beads.

I hope that this has inspired you to try to make something neat with Perler beads! If you did, do drop by our Instagram account to show us your creation using hashtag #ABagOfLove so we can see your creation and possibly feature it on our Instagram Story!

I highly recommend you use the pegboard for your Perler beads creations. It makes life easier and besides, most kits come with a pegboard. We have a variety of Perler beads pegboards from small to large which only cost less than $10 total.

When I was using a pattern to make my Minion Perler bead craft, I just counted the number of spaces I needed to have for beads vertically and horizontally at the largest point. From there, I just counted the colors as I focused on the design from top to bottom.

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