Significance Of A Low Stake Circle – The Casual Friendships

The last few months ruled our lives without considering any say of ours, our friendships were thrown in a huge crack, from where it was hard to pull them back and regain the past flow but with every attempt it still felt like they were fading away.

Not just friendships but the domination of the pandemic was on all parts of our lives, education, jobs, casual lifestyle and bank accounts, they were all targeted by a rapidly spreading infection and not just our physical activity, but our mental health seemed to suffer a lot during the entire phase of the pandemic.

From walking till the bookstore to going to the coffee shop, we all at some point questioned ourselves if we’re stepping out of our houses with a major purpose and we mostly denied our requirements and locked ourselves back in our homes. Our decisions did keep us all safe but without a question it can be assured that our world was restricted till our house and our health, the main thing that we had to let go was friends, the ones we didn’t ever need to ask before meeting because we’d casually meet them while shopping the weekly groceries or during the daily jog.

Kindness And Its Primary Influence

Imagine walking your dog in a park, you find someone else walking their dog too and just to show a kind gesture you ask them something like, “Oh what breed is this?” and you might get a kind answer but at times someone might have a high guard and while staying cautious of a stranger, they respond with just the answer and move on with their dog. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with the next person who seemed to have a higher guard but according to research, people living in cities are more cautious of every step they take, having a higher rate of loneliness.

Try to have an attitude that portrays positivity that resides in you, this generally helps you and your kids to build better relations with others but also benefits you with a better mental health. Don’t worry about the conversation heading nowhere but a simple gesture of kindness will sure help, and it also does change a person’s perspective towards the world. When you carry your daily tasks, you might show yourself detached from the reality while keeping your guards up to just never step into anything that’ll be harmful for you but as a matter of fact, that does no good but only teaches your children that the world is not a livable place for anyone.

Pandemic And The Weak Ties

While our close friends are cut off during the current situation, they still matter a great deal to us but one way or another, we’re connected with them and that can be via the internet or our mobile phones, what we don’t focus on is the weak ties and they majorly matter in our lives. The concept of “weak ties” can be implemented here, we think of them as some casual people we might run into while registering ourselves into the fitness program taking place in the community center or just some office friends which we’re mostly not in touch with. These types of friends hold different backgrounds, races and different ideas and that’s where they start being considered as one of the major parts of our lives. Although these ties sometimes do turn out to be our biggest supporters or they simply might have an influence on us which could be positively termed as “friend influence” and sometimes we might not even know their names, but we do realize the fact that they are majorly important in our lives.

“These acquaintances help us realize what’s happening around us and constantly keep us updated about the current affairs of the world we live in,” includes Dr. Ella Larkins, who’s a professor at the Stanford University. The weak ties make us realize how fast the world is moving and how can one stay connected or keep himself on the track without being left behind, moreover, these kinds of ties help us apply for a job that fits our profile well or make us get in touch with someone who might prove to be a source of something we wanted to achieve for the longest time.

According to Pauline Veras, a professor of human geography, in the Stanford University, California, “To create a community of acquaintances which help you move forward, you need to put an effort to create that which later turns out to have a mutual benefit.” Mostly the connections we make allow our entire circle to benefit from them, you might need someone at times, there’ll always be hands that will help you climb a ladder and having a larger circle can sure help you with that.

Casual Friendships – The Bright Side

We might have some best friends but there’s always a need for casual friends, someone who can easily see your different perspectives without being bothered about what side you’re showing but that’ll merely be considered an opinion of yours and it also doesn’t require a million responsibilities to maintain them regularly, yes you’ll need to put a slight effort to keep them alive but you wont have to worry about how you look or the amount of cash you require to dine out with them. Casual friendships make us cherish the life we’ve got and to find some happiness in life you always do need some people.

With a best friend or just a good friend of yours, you’re always restricted to share what actually is present in your life, because whenever you have a meet up you’ll mostly be focused on the past memories and only one side of the story that exists in the world but with these types of friends you’re open to various ideas and you develop as a person when you come into contact with these people. Furthermore, these friendships are more sort of a grown up kind of friendships where you don’t have to stick to only one constant activity with a friend, you don’t always have to be at bars and go on parties together which builds an emotional attachment, but you might just go to a nearby café or grab a lunch from your favorite restaurant while talking about the things happening in the present without the need of reopening the chapter where you used to be 16 and how dramatic your sweet 16 turned out to be. Furthermore, even if don’t see them in months, they won’t bombard you with texts and complains.


Making Vanilla Ice Cream in a Bag

We never have enough room in our freezer for a thing of ice cream! We’re stocked up on many things and our tiny freezer simply doesn’t have enough space for much extra.

But the kids like ice cream.

The younger kid especially loves his vanilla ice cream.

So I started searching for ways to make ice cream.

I knew there had to be a way to make ice cream without an ice cream maker because homesteaders must occasionally make ice cream and probably don’t all own an ice cream maker machine, right!?

That’s when I found this fun idea – making vanilla ice cream in a bag!

We gathered the supplies, although we had most of the supplies with the exception of heavy cream, and we enjoyed some fun family bonding time alongside a little hoemschool lesson.

You see you get to learn more about how salt impacts the freezing point of water. This means the ice melts at a lower temperature than is typical.

Yes, the ice in this bag was melting at a 20-degree Fahrenheit reading!

If you’re just making ice cream in a bag for fun, then you won’t need the thermometer that’s recommended on our supply list below and included in our shop list of supplies for this activity.

The thermometer is just part of the learning session for homeschool fun.

So we had fun.

We learned a bit.

And then we enjoyed our treat.

You see, this vanilla ice cream in a bag tasted so close to the original vanilla bean ice cream that we love buying! It was a fabulous way to end a perfectly delightful weekend with the family.

Not only did we make ice cream in a bag once, but we’ve since made it twice and used it in root beer floats!

Notes for Homeschool Session with Ice Cream in a Bag

You’ll want to use your thermometer to check the internal bag temperature when you first put the ice into the bag. After putting the salt in, check the temperature again.

Then, check the temperature one last time when the ice cream has been created.

It’s a fun way to see how cold it gets and how the ice still melts even at such a cold temperature.

The salt lowers the freezing point so that your ice cream won’t take hours to make. Some people use “ice cream salt” to make their homemade ice cream, which is the same concept except it has larger crystals.


High Paying Jobs for People without a Degree

After the corona virus, the working system of the world has been completely changed, which made people think if going to university is the only option for getting close to their dream career. So, if 4 years of university scares you, then here is a got good news for you. After the pandemic, there are several high paying jobs which does not require a degree, which could also help you save huge amount of money going into the pocket of universities. From state agent to Sales manager, there is a huge variety of jobs that you can apply for. Here is a list of seats you can start your career with

The Digital World

Digital world is continuously growing and adapting, which means the skills that are needed to work in digital world do not depend on a lecture, you will have to dive, directly into the practical work. For this experience you will have to keep your eyes open for any internship, that will help you develop the skills required for a job, this experience will allow you to bag around 40-45k in several years. Right now, coding is the vast field of digital world but if you are not interested in coding, there are still a lot of options for you, if you are interested in social media or content writing, these fields can also get you high-paying jobs if you could use your uniqueness to make your position in the digital world. These field can also help you earn around 50k in a year right after your internship.

The Marketing World

Marketing industry could be the best place for you if you are interested and have creative ideas for selling products, moving a bit away from digital world but you are still with in the creative realm. Here the key to your success is ‘to be creative’. You can earn around 45k a year and you have the power to turn this figure into your desired figure. If you’re one of those people who love mesmerizing houses on beaches or mountain than you should start to sell someone their dream house. I guess, becoming a real state agent is your thing plus it does not require a degree! It is also very easy to become qualified in this field which could earn you around 30k per year in just several years.

HR Career

To run your company smoothly, HR manager plays an important role. Also, if you are an extrovert it is a great job for you with an opportunity to earn around 42k a year. So, if you don’t want to attend university but you are worried about your career, do not worry, the world is evolving, and there are plenty of opportunity for you. All you must do is work hard and use your creativity to make your place in this field. You can Do it!


Cute Perler Beads Ideas

One of my favorite hobbies is making Perler Beads crafts. You can find many tutorials online for various ways to make neat things, like the Minion shown below using Perler beads.

This activity is something that kids of all ages can enjoy, as long as they’re old enough to not put the beads in their mouth and you have an adult nearby to use the iron.

Another way to enjoy Perler Beads is to grab magnets and glue to make beautiful magnets. I have the word JOY on my fridge to remind me to smile every time I walk into the kitchen to cook up something yummy for the family.

How to Make a Perler Bead Magnet

You’ll first need to find a good perler bead tutorial that shows the thing you want to make. I wanted to make words, but you can do anything and make it into a magnet!

For example, I could turn this American Flag into a magnet using this tutorial for how to make a Perler Bead magnet.

Once you have the Perler bead tutorial ready. You gather the supplies and start making your Perler bead craft.

I didn’t use a template for my joy magnet or my American Flag design, I just used my imagination!

You’ll use tweezers or your fingers to get the beads onto the Perler bead board. Repeat until the creation is complete.

Once your beads are all in place, you’ll need to heat the iron up and place the iron paper on top of your design.

Slowly move the iron on top of the design to heat the Perler beads evenly. This melts the beads. Once you iron one side, you’ll slowly pick up the design and place the iron paper on the other side to iron the design again.

This time, ironing the opposite side. Until your design is completely fused together.

Now that the design is ironed together and has had a few minutes to cool down, it’s time to grab your jewelry glue and place your magnets on the backside of your Perler bead design.

Allow the glue to dry and then you can place the magnet on your fridge or use for a holiday gift giving idea!

It’s interesting the various things you can make using Perler Beads. All you need is a few supplies!

Click below to buy everything you need to make the Minion, JOY magnet, or other colorful design with Perler beads.

I hope that this has inspired you to try to make something neat with Perler beads! If you did, do drop by our Instagram account to show us your creation using hashtag #ABagOfLove so we can see your creation and possibly feature it on our Instagram Story!

I highly recommend you use the pegboard for your Perler beads creations. It makes life easier and besides, most kits come with a pegboard. We have a variety of Perler beads pegboards from small to large which only cost less than $10 total.

When I was using a pattern to make my Minion Perler bead craft, I just counted the number of spaces I needed to have for beads vertically and horizontally at the largest point. From there, I just counted the colors as I focused on the design from top to bottom.


How To Apologize Like You Mean It – Ways For Apologizing Correctly

Apologizing has always had positive outcomes and that too if you make the other party realize how you feel since the time you hurt them by your actions or your words. Mostly, we hurt the ones that are close enough to us and its crucially important to make them understand about how you feel as well, this softens them up to a great extent and it helps them to understand how you’re focused on your better virtues than your worst mistakes.

But we’ve all been caught in a situation where it’s too hard for us to apologize and writing an e-mail or a letter has felt better, let me tell you there’s nothing wrong with that as well, if you’re comfortable, any medium will do the trick to let the other party know of how much you are acknowledging your mistakes.

 There are a few types of apologies as well, for example, I’m sorry but not really, its basically brushing the other person off to just avoid the dispute but trust me this kind of apology is like adding fuel to the fire and often tend to not work well enough. The other one is, I’m sorry its my fault, this one clearly indicates you acknowledge your mistakes and you’re ready to bridge the gap constructed in your relationship with your spouse. The list goes on, what matters is how perfectly you craft your feelings in an apology and make it look like you’re ready for a reconciliation.

Making a try to bridge the gap

So far, you’ve communicated about how sorry you are for whatever happened, and you really want to make things right? Right after you’ve told your spouse know of how badly you want to fix things and you’re going straight with the plan of making your partner know you really want to bridge the gap between both of you?” If there’s something you can really offer to repair what’s been damaged, then there can be a payment but if you really got nothing on your hands then one of their most likeable things, a dozen of roses or a box of chocolates might do the job,” says Margaret Moore, a practicing psychologist in the New York City.

Manifesting Regret

One of the most important elements for an apology is manifesting that you truly regret what has been done, something like “I’m sorry” with a valid gesture will at least make them realize that you are sorry for your mistake and look forward for a reconciliation. It basically brings your thoughts into a valid expression, an abstract of your thoughts is presented in front of the one who’s been offended and will surely branch out ways for a solution. This doesn’t always have to be sentimental or super emotional, with someone you’ve been friends with for the longest time, their apology can have a bit of sarcasm but don’t brush off the matter like you barely care.

Clarify Your Narrative

In some cases, you need to bring something for your defense, make the other person know what happened and an explanation does the job here. This can also move a long way when your spouse needs the details or to just soften them up a bit more, you need some good number of pages to keep a track of what’s to be said next. There is an allowance of mistakes in our lives, which we surely tend to never repeat in the future but sometimes there are errors which do need some fixing and just to explain if it was a mistake or an error, you need to give an explanation. Moreover, don’t make your explanation sound like excuses and especially don’t blame the victim when you’re apologizing for your mistakes, doing something like that will divert the focus point and will bring the need for another 2 to 3 apologies.

Take charge of your failure to commitment

 Something like, “she was making my blood boil” or “she got me late for work” these thoughts sometimes make us manifest them through our words while apologizing and that’s why this proves to be one of the hardest of all because we need to let down your guard and ego while taking the responsibility of our actions. It’s not a person’s nature to accept themselves being wrong in a situation but the point to remember is, whatever you did hurt the other person, and nothing changes that. “The best option while reconciling is to just admit, I was wrong when I did that and I accept myself being totally responsible,” says Dr. Margaret.

Affirmation Of Remorse

Repentance, in its literal meanings is to turn around and for me that means to make a difference in an attitude. When it comes to the affirmation of never committing the same mistake, it’s a promise and for an adult the promise must stay, unlike children making a promise of never eating ice cream after 9 and 10 minutes later you find them doing what they promised not to. But when it comes to apologizing about something, you need to verbalize your desire for another chance and how committed you’ll be to your words. This doesn’t end here, make sure you plan out an ensured success while just verbalizing your intentions of never repeating the mistake.

Requesting For Remission

This final step allows you to stand at a point where you both know you’re headed towards the good, it brings you out of the cage which constantly makes you reject every step your partner is taking to just witness some positive outcome. For any person, forgiveness means a great deal and its always hard to accept that, but it sure brings a sense of justice in your life. Even after this, it might take a little while but there will be a positive outcome of this in your relationship.


Reasons Why You Should Include Kiwifruit in Your Diet

Kiwifruit, also known as Chinese gooseberry because of its Chinese origin, is a fruit with brown-colored peels. The insides reveal more details. The eatable fruit inside is of green color unexpectedly with dark black seeds. You can see chopped and sliced Kiwifruits in dessert and vibrant fruit bowls. This Chinese-origin fruit is also utilized in making smoothies. It has a lot of health benefits and impacts our body with positive effects. It is a good thing to include Kiwifruit in your daily diet as it is also low on calories. It is very so often considered a superfood and you can consume a sufficient amount of it in replacement for your daily meal. Listed and explained below are six of those reasons why you should include Kiwifruit in your diet plan.

Kiwifruit can tend to asthma

If you suffer from asthma or know of any asthma patients, then this is good news for you. As some studies have found, Kiwifruit is proficiently rich in vitamin C and a large number of antioxidants that can help in the treatment of asthma to a great extent. So, in this way, Kiwifruit is advantageous, especially for asthma patients.

Kiwifruit can help improve the digestion process

As claimed by a study, Kiwifruit is also sufficient in fiber and proteolytic enzyme actinidin apart from vitamin C and several antioxidants. Having so many nutrients and health benefits, Kiwifruits is good for intestinal nourishment. It serves as a natural laxative and tends to constipation. It is an excellent home remedy for improving bowel movement and helps make the digestion process better.

Kiwifruit can act as a natural immunity booster

Kiwifruit possesses antimicrobial and antifungal properties which can help resist such a great number of diseases and infections that you can imagine! This pungent fruit increases immunity power and helps in the regulation of it. Moreover, it minimizes any apparent signs of infections related to the respiratory system. Furthermore, it can be consumed when one is suffering from a bad cold or experiencing the flu.

Kiwifruit improves eyesight

Kiwifruit can help combat macular degeneration and loss of eyesight. It contains the most naturally found carotenoid alcohol; zeaxanthin and lutein, that provide vitamins to your eyes in a sufficient amount. Thus, in this manner, it helps in the improvement of eyesight.

Kiwifruit clears and smoothens your skin

As mentioned before, Kiwifruit is loaded with a great deal of vitamin C, antioxidants, and carotenoids. Additionally, it also contains polysaccharides or polycarbohydrates which are polymer carbohydrates and increase the productivity of collagen, a protein constituent in the body. All of these nutrients come with a great many skincare advantages. They help tighten the skin and remove dead skin tissues. They also aid in the building and maintenance of skin, pigments, and bones. They help resist skin blemishes, wrinkles, and acne too. So, in a way, Kiwifruits are a natural skin care remedy.

Kiwifruit makes you fall asleep

If you find yourself unable to fall asleep at any time of the day, call Kiwifruit for the rescue! Researchers have found that Kiwifruit releases serotonin hormone in an adequate amount which helps in getting good sleep. Apart from this, the pineal gland in our body naturally produces melatonin which releases at night and endorses sleep.


Stressed about experiencing stress?

Do you get nervous or scared simply thinking about giving a presentation the next day? Are you hesitant to try out anything new because you are concerned it may not turn out to the way you expect it to be? Is it upsetting to you that peers of your age are getting new jobs or settling abroad or otherwise living a better life than yours? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are in a state which is referred as stress. You need not to be concerned because it is a perfectly normal and typical condition for human beings. Stress is a common problem faced by every other individual these days. There are two types of stress good and bad. In fact, it has been established that modest amount of stress might even aid with performance for example, a student can well prepare for an upcoming exam in a stressful situation.  Prolonged stress also called chronic stress, however, can cause trouble which means it may affect your mental health causing anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

Contrary to common opinion, almost every individual around the globe experienced stress during the months of lockdown which begin partially or completely in many countries from the month of March 2020. People were genuinely stressed for a variety of reasons which is quite significant for all intends. Some people were stressed to contract a virus, while others were really stressed because of the lockdown and not being able to see their friends or relatives in a particularly significant way. Many individuals lost their employment which was stressful for them, and many students were usually anxious as a result of experiencing a relatively new idea of virtual classes and online learning which impacted the grades of many students, generating stress in a subtle way. The prospect of being alone in isolation was a big stress it and of itself. More than half of young women and around 30 percent of young men had experienced chronic stress. A comparable percentage of young women and men were found to have substantial anxiety issues.

Prolonged situation of stress can cause a variety of issues because of the adrenal and cortisone are released by the adrenal cortex in response to a stressor, resulting in physical symptoms in a human body for example digestive problems, sleeping issues or insomnia to be particular, anxiety, headaches, and depression. A number of issues impacting the human body also occur for example rashes, eczema, and severe hair fall. The person is constantly in a bad mood, irritated or angry which also impacts our ability to focus on anything. Stress appears to elevate our blood pressure, cause us to sweat and cause our hearts to beat quicker. It may even kill us if we have underlying heat problems.

Therefore, everyone should know how to deal with stress or stress management. Something you can start from home is daily exercising. Exercise is a wonderful stress reliever, unless done excessively which raises insulin levels. Theres also the option of yoga. And finally, there is most often mentioned stress-relieving activity: meditation or Taoism. Maintain a healthy diet, eat fruits and vegetables which consists of a variety of nutrients, proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids which can help you cope better with stress. Adequate sleep is also essential which means no caffeine in the evening and avoiding bright screens for an hour or two before bed. Reading is preferable to watching television or surfing the web. Taking up a pastime, as such as listening to calming music or doing jigsaw puzzles, can help take your mind off stressful events. We have all heard that laughing is the best medicine, and this while may be an exaggeration, laughter can lower hydrocortisone level.

If you observe symptoms of chronic stress such as being in a constant bad mood, irritated and getting upset over small things or matters, or not feeling like doing anything, never isolate yourself as it will give you an immense amount of time to accumulate negative thoughts. Get active and moving; do something you love and indulge yourself. Be it dancing, baking, a long walk or drive or anything else. Allow yourself some me time, get yourself something nice and pamper yourself. Don’t avoid your loved ones; instead talk to them about your feelings and be expressive about your emotions. Relationships that are stable help in minimizing stress, whereas disagreements raise cortisol levels. It is critical to understand what is worth debating over and what is not.

It is always better to seek professional help. Never try to deal alone with chronic stress. If you think you don’t have anyone to share your emotions with, just contact a mental health professional. They doctor may also recommend you some medication for better sleep. Eliminate sugar and caffeine or anything other unhealthy habits from life. Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. Alternatively, if you think you are fine and know someone who needs help, recommend them, and compel them to go seek professional help. Remember, if you are a bird, chronic stress and prolonged tension is like shackles on your feet, free yourself and fly.


Happiness! A guide to lead a joyful, much bolder and untroubled life

Happiness is naturally a feeling of absolute satisfaction and elation. It is something that drives individuals to go one step further and do the extraordinary. However, the obstacles one faces in their lives are often a barrier between them and a happy life. Happiness comes from within, and it is sometimes difficult to feel happy even when you want to. This can be changed though. An individual confident and adamant to lead a happy life will always find ways to be happy and content with the given circumstances as well. Happiness is an unmatched experience where you feel totally at ease with anything that comes your way. Whatever happens in an individual’s life is often determined by their state of mind. If one is happy, they feel a sense of accomplishment authority. When a person is genuinely happy, their behavior and way of dealing with others also changes. Happy people are usually compassionate towards other and joy is a feeling that instills mental, physical, social and emotional soundness among people. They become more resilient towards situations. This indicates that people should be familiar with ways to be happy and content with their life for a better quality of life. Some of the following tricks will be of great help for you to remain happy more often than not.

The role happiness plays towards a dauntless life

To lead a relaxed life, the well being of an individual is pivotal. Well being is achieved by being genuinely happy within one’s own skin and it simplifies a lot of things, for example, a happy mind does not focus on negativity, this means more positivity is added to an individual’s life that leads to lesser health problems, be it mental, physical por emotional. A happy mind also influences the way a person communicates with others. It becomes more positive and an optimist approach comes forward. People are fully in command of their lives if they are happy and relaxed and no external factor can influence their approach towards life and different scenarios. Some of the hacks below will aid you greatly in achieving the happiness you desire and it is likely to impact a lot of people positively through you.

Courageous ways to stimulate Happiness

Although it is very instinctive of humans to focus more on the negative side of every instance than they focus on the positive scenarios. It is however, important, that we as humans think rationally in this matter rather than our conventional irrational approach. It is important to identify if the problem or the scenario is as negative as we initially think it is. It is very natural to fear an outcome or be reluctant to enjoy the happiness at hand and suddenly reach to a negative conclusion. This is something that has to be thought of with a sane, rational mind as to whether the situation requires that much negativity or is it really that negative? It is likely that most of the times, you might find yourself stressing or thinking negatively about a situation that may well have positive aspects to it. To assess and analyze if the problem is really a problem or is it negative or something positive, is one way that helps us in finding happiness.

The next step is being vocal about your problems. Addressing what disturbs and bothers you. Listing your problems and being expressive about it gives you a clearer picture of what your actual problems are, and what were just perceived problems due to your negative thoughts only. This one easy step that takes up a very small part of your day can reduce your worries to a great extent and set you on the road to happiness.

Training your mind to be optimistic is another way of acquiring happiness. Learning to be positive in situations and always looking for the brighter side of things makes people more resilient and hopeful towards situations that are even the slightest bit of negative. Changing one’s perspective to focus more on the positive than the negative enables individuals to be happy and confident about possible future negativity and shifts their mindset towards positivity, which further leads to contentment and satisfaction, and these are the two very important factors of happiness. This practice aids and improves health of individuals as well.

Practicing different forms of meditation like controlled breathing exercises help greatly in maintaining better focus levels and gives composure to such an extent, that the heart rate normalizes and the stress from all the problems is relieved as a result.

Another important exercise to practice is getting busy in healthy physical activities like outdoor games. Physical exercise triggers the body to release oxytocin, which, in return, helps in improving inner satisfaction and happiness.

Connecting with nature is another alternate to keep yourself relaxed and happy. The breath of fresh air nature gives you is the most soothing feeling that relaxes your mind and when the mind is at ease, it tends to be happy as well. The unpolluted environment revitalizes our inner self and makes you fresher than ever. This affects the brain very positively and drives individuals to think more optimistically.

Apart from all this, it is essential to be included in the company of positive, self-motivated and mentally focused people. This helps you emphasize more on the better side of things instead of noticing the negative in every situation. If you are in a good, non-toxic company, you will feel much more motivated and self-driven and become goal-oriented. This will in turn help you focus on the bigger picture and not stress about the little negativities that come in your way on a daily basis.

Being social is also something that will divert your mind from all the negativities and worries of your life. It is kind of a getaway from all the life-related problems for a while. Keeping yourself busy in social events and being socially available is what plays a vital role in your happiness. Be it interaction within your friends circle, or any social event on a larger scale. Getting yourself involved in engaging activities and interactions will keep you away from your everyday troubles.

To conclude this list of ways to improve your standard of living by achieving a happier life, another thing that is key to self-satisfaction and happiness is being grateful for the things you already have and giving back to society in one way or the other. When you look around and reflect upon your blessings in life and be thankful for them, it makes you realize how you could have been deprived of many things, instead you have it all. This will make you grounded and humble towards life and help you become patient towards the challenges you face in life. Similarly, giving back to the society in one way or the other helps one achieve greater sense of attainment. It also creates fulfillment among people when they make it a habit to give back. People that regularly practice this exercise of giving back, take pride in it and realize their corporate social responsibility, which fills one with joy and absolute delight. This is another major factor that promotes happiness.