How to Make Magnetic Slime

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that it gives me a chance to get in more family time. You see, we already do a lot of things together as a family. We explore the backwoods of NH, we go swimming, we sit down to family meals every night except Fridays (we let the boys have that night “off” to sit and chat with friends online).

Anyways, we do a lot of things together. As the boys get older though, it seems I need to use “homeschooling” as an excuse to sneak in some activities that the boys may otherwise not wish to do, right away. I mean, they always have fun but I may use the this-is-for-school excuse to get them to partake in some family “FUN” activities.

Now, mind you, our youngest boy is into everything science. He has always loved seeing how things worked, whereas our older boy prefers doing things that have a purpose. And most of our FUN is truly educational in some way!

The older boy would be into growing a garden or making food, caring for animals, etc but he isn’t into making magnetic slime because it “has no purpose”. And so we enjoyed doing this activity with our youngest boy a while back.

I truly hope that you print this recipe or at least PIN the instructions for later because whether you homeschool or not, this is by far something interesting to do with your kids.

Also, don’t make this time with younger children. You will need to supervise as the ingredients are not something meant to be used by kids without adult interaction and supervision.

Wash hands thoroughly and do get yourself {and the kids} some gloves to use so you don’t get the black all over your hands during creation and playtime.

Parental Warnings Before Making This

The magnet is SUPER strong, so please don’t let your kids just play around with the magnets. They will smash into each other and can pinch your kids’ skin badly!

The ion powder should be handle by the adults, it is dusty (or can be) and while let our 12-year-old mix it up, younger kids may make a dusty mess. The powder shouldn’t be touched to the skin nor should the dust be breathed in.

Don’t underestimate the fun involved with buying Magnetic Putty that’s already made. You can easily conduct science experiments using premade magnetic slime if you’re not ready to take on this project yet.

Magnetic Slime Recipe Ingredients & Supplies

Liquid starch

Elmer’s School Glue

A large glass (we used a Pyrex bowl) bowl for mixing

Spoon for Stirring

Iron Oxide Powder

Gloves to Protect Hands

1/4 Cup Measuring Cup

1 Tablespoon Measuring Spoon

1 neodymium (rare earth) magnet

1/8 Cup Measuring Cup


The Importance of Small Changes in Life

Big changes are not that easy to make at all. However, it may end up giving you more stress and frustration. Life wouldn’t become instant and accurate with the new big chances at the first glance. As long as you stick to the change, it becomes more irritating and inconvenient for you. More specifically, when you are not achieving what you have expected with the change. The point is, only you are responsible for making your life the way it is.

Indeed, you aren’t a superhero, you can’t control every single thing in your life. But fortunately, there are also some things which are under control, or at least you can make a… change to them. As the line goes: “Whatever you don’t like, simply change it.” Even though it is not that easy as it sounds but that is why you should give a shot to the small changes first. Don’t you think starting with a small change in life is more likely productive than starting with a new big change? Well, yes, small changes are always pretty helpful in either giving you a constant ability to do something or making a wonderful, huge transformation in your life. A single little change in your daily life routine can literally provide you more positivity and healthy patterns to follow. Mark my words, it would be the reason for bringing the happiness and joy back into your life that has been missed somewhere in, what we call, “daily life”.

Play smart and proactive

No need to reach the higher goal, try to make smaller changes. For instance, take a walk with your dog for 30 minutes instead of 15. Choose stairs instead of elevators if not necessary. Don’t park the car right in front of the entrance of the destination, so that you can take some extra steps through walking to reach the entrance. And apparently, these changes will count as a light exercise of your day. With these light exercises, heavy exercise or maybe a workout is a greater option to keep you active physically as well as mentally throughout the day. Do remember, you are not going to be an athlete or a weight lifter, therefore, keep the exercise simple and easy for you or the way you like it. These sorts of exercises will not only make you super active but also keep you stress-free.

Engage with nature more rather than technologies

We do know the importance of technology in our daily life. But you wouldn’t believe that technology is responsible for making our lives shorter and stressful. That’s because of the complex excessive and inappropriate use of technology. We just forgot the actual meaning of technology anyhow. Well, either theoretically, scientifically, philosophically, or psychologically it is proven that we need more engagement with nature in order to make our mind as well as our body calm and happy. The benefits are numerous. For instance, spending time with nature can heal your inner griefs, make you comfortable, fight your anxious and depressed thoughts, keep you happy, and many more. So, spending a little time with nature is a good change in your daily life.

Try to complete your work at your desk

I often used to bring my pending work home and one day I realized that it is taking me more time to complete the work at home because of the distraction caused by laying on the couch or bed, kids, communication, guest, etc. The point is, multitasking is productive though but it also makes you a bit unproductive at the same time. In order to be more creative and productive, you need to stay away from distractions to keep the focus on your work, which can only happen while you work at your desk. Similarly, while working on an important thing, try to turn your TV or phone off to get rid of distractions.

Don’t delay small things

You must have experienced (maybe once or many times) waking up late in the morning and finding no time to make your bed. Maybe you leave your empty cereal bowl on the countertop because you are already late for your work, and pick it up after you get back home. Well, if you notice, these things like making your bed, washing an empty bowl, putting the things in their right place just take about 2-3 minutes. Is it that difficult? To be honest, these little, unnoticed things can be a major part of a big difference in your daily life. Also, these 2 minutes will give you the comfort that you need after returning home from work. You don’t need to wash the dishes, don’t need to clean the bedroom, don’t need to put the clothes, pillows, water bottles, food back to their place after you return home, all you need to do now, is relaxing. That only could happen because you have already done these things in the morning. And what is it take? Just your 15-20 minutes early wake up. Doing your work on your own, at the right time, will keep you able to manage your daily routine a way better than before. Eventually, it all leads to making your life happy and less complicated.  

Waking up early in the morning

Well no, it is not related to what I have just mentioned above. Actually, getting an early start can bring so many benefits…for yourself. Getting an early start doesn’t mean you have to complete the regular work before starting the day officially or you have to arrive to work early, no. Instead, getting an early start means spending some extra time for yourself or with yourself like enjoying your morning coffee without doing anything else, listening to your favorite music to keep your mood refreshed, doing yoga or exercise, and most importantly, praying. Starting a day with one of these things will give you a positive mindset and behavior all day long. All you need to do is, add just 15 minutes of early wake-up to your daily wake-up schedule. When you spend more time with yourself, you listen to your heart, you feel what you like the most, what you want the most. Following this change in your daily life can surely make a huge difference, according to me.

Practice gratitude and stay motivated through what you have

Appreciation is not an ordinary thing; it is a long-run game. Indeed, it is the easier and most simple change you can make in your life. Ever noticed that you have enough water to drink, a fine place to live, enough food to eat, enough money to spend, good people by your side? While there are so many who are unable to have those things completely but they live a happy life somehow. So, the point is, try to be more thankful for what you have. Before going to bed, think about it, think that you are living an appropriate life that is far better than various individuals, and say thank you, God! Thank you for your blessings upon me. If you make it your daily habit, you will not only notice everything but also, become thankful and helpful for others, for good. For your life, for your need, for keeping you happy. Eventually, you will realize that little things need more attention and they are able to either make you happy or unhappy. It depends upon you, on what path, you want to lead your life. Nothing is ordinary and normal, everything that is present in your life, was present, and will present, has a reason, a reason which you can’t think of. Therefore, do not take for granted anything. Be thankful, and be motivated.

Be kind

“If you have control over what you have power on, that means one day you are going to take control of what you don’t have power on.” -David Campbell.

No matter what kind of life you live, your daily routine does include interacting with few people, doesn’t it? Either a bartender, a barista, your neighbor, your coworker, or someone who meet accidentally; you have to show respect, gratitude, and kindness to them. Sometimes, it is difficult to keep up a happy response with everyone throughout the day because your day hadn’t started well, it is common though. But that is the time when you need to be more practical, calmer, and kind. At my workplace, some people are so generous, kind, and ready to help but on the other hand, some people give a kind of unpleasant vibes, whether it depends on their mood on their way of attitude. But I always keep myself kind to all of them, and that’s what makes me satisfied at the end of the day. Whether I achieve something or not but at least I didn’t make anyone unhappy. Spread love, not hate and rudeness.

Furthermore, here is the thing for you in case someone treats you unpleasantly: “Responding badly to a person who responds badly is not an intellectual contact but stupidity.” Raymond Molden. You don’t know the other person; you don’t know what is making him/her feel awkward during the moment. Responding to people doesn’t show something about themselves, however, it shows a lot about yourself. Therefore, treat everyone equally, avoid racism and criticism. Spread kindness, appreciate other’s efforts, and eventually, others will treat you the same way. Start this change right away if you don’t behave kindly to people. Believe me! it will turn out incredible.

As far as these small changes are concerned, there is no need to start all of them at once in order to get the bigger results quickly. Because if you do, you will ruin the motive of making a change in your life and will stand on the same sort of change that I have mentioned in the beginning. So instead of that, start small. Make a routine with at least one small new change. You just need to prepare yourself by a habit of accepting life changes. All the best!


Easy Lime Green Gelatin Pie

My friend Dawn over at Cutefetti shared a pineapple pie recipe that I just had to make. The problem is, every time I searched for pineapple gelatin at my local grocery store … I couldn’t find it! Of course, you can buy pineapple gelatin online if you want, but I had some lime gelatin on hand.

And so, here is my copycat-ish recipe of my friend’s Easy Pineapple Pie recipeThanks to Dawn for the inspiration!

Ingredients For Easy Lime Green Gelatin Pie

3 oz package of Lime Gelatin

2/3 Cup boiling water

4 Ice Cubes

Graham Cracker Pie Crust (6 oz)

8 oz Whipped Thawed Cream

Optional: Maraschino Cherries

Whether you’re looking for a simple summer pie to serve your family this year, or you want a lime green St. Patrick’s Day pie to enjoy in celebration of your Irish heritage, I’m confident this delightful pie full of gelatin and whipped cream will not disappoint!

This was a tad bit too sweet for me, so I may try to exchange that lime gelatin for another flavor and use less whipped cream the next time around. If you’re interested in making another version of this, that includes my favorite flavor – pineapple, then click on over to make Cutefetti’s Easy Pineapple Pie.

Of course, bookmark this easy lime green gelatine pie recipe first to make it later this year, too! You can easily click the PIN button below to save to a favorite Pinterest board for later use.

Easy Lime Green Gelatin Pie


Alleviate Sleep Problems with The Help of Yoga

Yoga has always made its way to the top whenever the conversation of living a healthy lifestyle has occurred but without a doubt, for alleviating sleep problems, yoga has indeed been seriously effective. For issues like insomnia yoga has done wonders to people who have went through numerous medications or couldn’t ever sleep without medications. Here are 7 ways yoga can actually bring a difference in your lives.

Warm Up for The Day:

To increase your consciousness, this yoga will be perfect to start your day with. Sun salutation ages more than 3,500 years but today, in simple terms it can be called as a warm up for the day. It relieves stress, helps you stay alert and leads you to concentrating the daily tasks of your life.

Resetting Your Brain:

This is a meditation for the day, mainly suggested for office workers and to perform this, just book a meeting room or the spare room of your office and start the practice of inhaling and exhaling. Continue this for almost 10 times and after that breath normally, your breath will adjust to the normality and become shallower with time. If this exercise is practiced for at least 10 times, consider yourself ready for the day.

Breath Breaks And Bed Time Yoga:

This should be done at least three to four times a day or more, breath in the back of the middle area of your ribcage, right at your bra line. This practice will help you stay more energized and these deep breaths allow you to feel more awake and energized. To have a steadily balanced feeling in your day, continue this practice without a real strain to do so.

Bed time: buddha belly breathing is actually opposite of bikini belly breathing, you breath from the lower side of your belly and then let it draw out between your pubic bone and the navel, now whenever you breath in into the deep low belly, this stretches out the area gently and brings a lengthened exhale here. Make longer exhalations, for example at the count of four inhale go for three exhales. This effectively helps with the functions of your nervous system.

The Afternoon Meditation:

This is mostly that time of the day where you are mostly headed towards the gym or have some coffee or enjoy something sweet. With this yoga exercise you’ll be have more time primed for your night.

  • The first step is to sit on the floor, legs stretched out straight and now bring your hands straight out reaching till the toes. Bow till your toes, its better to have a pillow where you can have your bowed head rest on or if there’s no pillow available then simply rest your head on the floor.
  • This exercise is like a mental reset button that you press to balance your breathing. keep breathing from your nostrils while noticing the temperature around you and the moisture of the air but don’t let that affect your breathing just carry along with your practice. This exercise is mental relaxation from a small area of your brain without any distractions.

Short Meditations for The Day:

Make mini meditation moments for yourself with this little exercise, sit on your yoga mat and shut your eyes. Try to figure out the places where tension occurs in your body, imagine to inhale where the tension exists in your body and exhale releasing the tension from that part, now when you’re going to sleep you’ll notice less piled up tensions in your body giving you a relaxed night to sleep.

Practices Before Bed Time:

  1. Organic or Dim Light of the room: Make the light dim of your room, your brain has melatonin which allows you to relax and sleep when there’s less light in your surroundings and that’s why we tend to sleep at often darker areas with a peaceful environment. The organic light of yoga, the dim red light help you calm down, release the stress and have a peaceful night of sleep.
  2. Feet therapy: Take your shoes several times a day to let them feel the natural sensation. Before bed, pop them in the sink or just take a shower and then right after that massage them with some oils, raw sesame oil has great benefits and then just target the points for a reflexology. Some essential oils work perfect for this practice as well.
  3. Calming signals to the brain: Just press the middle area, branches out in brows, direct your finger straight to your nose and this will help sending a calm signal to your brain. Meanwhile raising the eye brows does an opposite job than calming you down, it actually activates your nervous system and stimulating both of these practices will help you have an easier and a calmer face.

 Performing these practices of yoga during your day will stretch the muscles and accumulate your nerves to allow you a peaceful sleep at night, bringing therapeutic benefits and meditates tensions in the body that don’t allow a calm and peaceful sleep.


How to Conduct Yourself With Your Disorderly Partner

Cleanliness is a virtue and a quality to appreciate in people. Cleanliness, neatness, tidiness, having things organized in order are the good aspects of life many of us underestimate. If you are a cleanliness enthusiast, it is not unusual for you to be obsessed with it. But it sure is hard for people like you to live alongside someone who is on the other side of this cleanliness spectrum. It can be unbearable for you if the partner you co-live with doesn’t pay much heed to be tidy and keeping things in order. But, there are some pragmatic things you can try to enable yourself to live and coexist easily alongside your partner-in-crime.

Decide the Cleanliness Chores Via Games

Sometimes, the cleaning chore can be boring, even for cleanliness enthusiasts. More or less, it is all the same old process every time. Sometimes, it can even feel frustrating. Everyone likes a clean, tidy home with everything organized, but the process to make the house like that is only through cleaning. No matter the circumstances, cleaning must always be done. There is no second thought regarding this concern. So, if it feels boring, how can you make it interesting? What are games for? You can turn this whole situation around games. You can set up a dartboard with several cleaning chores names inscribed on it. Then you and your partner both take turns to throw darts at it to decide which cleaning chore will be done by who this week. Repeat this every week to add fun and induce some interest and excitement. Throwing darts will give you both the opportunity to change your cleaning duties every week. You can play a game on your phones new to you both. Then whoever performs better in their first level will get to decide who will do which cleaning task that week. There will be serious fun in this gaming-cleaning method if you both are cleaning enthusiasts. This way cleaning will feel more like fun rather than a boring task.

Give Complimentary Remarks and Rewards

Complimenting someone is a virtue that works like magic. It works exactly like a pat at the back. Imagine it on yourself. No matter how much exhausted you feel with drained energy at the end of your workday, a nice complimenting pat at the back will refresh you a bit. Giving compliments has that effect. So, apply this to your partner. For instance, if your partner does the household chores someday whether they dust the fans or do the laundry, give your positive feedback. More so, give them a complimentary reward. You will see this will brighten them up. Moreover, they will feel encouraged and will be motivated to do the house chores again someday. From time to time, praise their style of work, but be real and genuine. Don’t just compliment them to entice them in doing most of the work. Otherwise, it will just be flattery. With time, they will be passionate to keep things around in an organized fashion. You both will be sharing the same level of enthusiasm about keeping things clean and tidy.

Give Yourself a Break and Relax

If you are much more of an enthusiast about organizing things, that’s good. But maybe sometimes, you need to just pull back your hands and relax. The problem with being an over-enthusiast is that you try to do everything yourself with or without the consent of others. As a result, your obsession grows. So, it is recommended you don’t take things in such a manner. Don’t be an over-enthusiast in this regard. Adopt the policy of treading lightly. Besides, your partner has his/her different pace. And it will be a bit unethical if you force them to tread according to your pace. Sometimes, the mess or untidiness of things isn’t the problem, the problem is your attitude in these situations. You need to chill and calm down, and do not need to rush things. The next time you feel as if the ceiling fan needs to be cleaned, don’t immediately get on with it. Neither force your partner to do the cleaning. Maybe they have noticed the dirtiness too and are planning on cleaning it. And besides, the process of cleaning doesn’t have to start right at that exact time. So, taking a break away from things and not over-thinking is important.

Hypnotism Might Help!

Do you know how hypnotism can help you in several ways? You can make use of the power of hypnotism to accomplish several things you desire. For example, take smoking. You sincerely want to give up this bad habit but cannot force yourself to. You can do so by hypnotizing yourself. Maybe it will work. Or, you can also use hypnotism for weight loss. Moreover, there is one other use. You can clean the messiness and organize things by applying hypnotism to yourself or your partner. There are practical programs available for it. You can choose to enroll your partner in such programs. If needed so, you can participate in these programs alongside your partner.

Make Use of Creativity and Smartness

Regardless of any way or method you use to try encouraging your partner to pay heed to this matter, be mindful of one thing. Know that your partner has a completely different personality and is not like you. Your natures are not alike and do not correlate. Your partner has a different set of values and you have your own. But, you both are in this together. And just like you need two hands to clap, cooperation also ought to be mutual. This is where you should make use of your personality traits like creativity and smartness. Using these traits, you can come up with the solutions you both can agree on.

Reserve Spots for Specific Items

This is a useful tip that mainly concerns properly organizing things in order. Usually, organizing keys is a troublesome task in most homes. Keys are the things that can get lost very easily. So they must be properly kept in an organized order. And for that, what is the better way than reserving a place for them? You can buy a key holder from the market or make it at home yourself along with your partner’s help. After you’re finished making it, install it at a place easily accessible for both of you. A better way to do it is by installing it on the same wall as your main door. So, it will be easy to first hang the keys right after entering your home. One more thing is important. Both, you and your partner, should make it mandatory for yourself to essentially use this key holder. Otherwise, it will just be useless to have made it in the first place. Why make it if you won’t use it? Only if you use this key holder, your keys are less likely to lose. You will have something to hang your keys on whenever you walk in through your main door. It will be much of a relief. Now, this is just one example of how to organize things correctly. Give this matter further thought, and you will come up with different ideas.

Set Some Rules and Punishments with Mutual Agreement

Since you know how much cleanliness and tidiness matter to you, sometimes the others around you don’t have that same enthusiasm as you regarding it. And since you’re living together, it directly starts affecting you in several ways. It is understandable, as you are sharing a living space with someone not as cleanliness enthusiastic as you. So, if any one of them is disorderly even for a bit, the other one will feel the impact of this untidiness. To prevent this circumstance and to not suffer, you and your partner should sit and talk about setting some basic principles to follow. Set some rules and, likewise, punishments if any of you fails to abide by those rules. This code of conduct should be strictly followed by both you and your partner. Set weekly turns to clean the restroom. Likewise, if the responsibility to clean the restroom falls on your partner one week, you should clean the room. This is necessary to share the task of cleaning. Establish the code that cleanliness must be ensured in whatever way necessary. Punishments are like consequences of not taking this code of conduct seriously. But do not make them very hard and serious for the other one to bear. You can set punishments like when the next time comes for shopping of cleaning equipment, the punished one will have to bear the expenses. On normal days, keep the expenses equally divided between both of you. All these rules and punishments should be set with mutual agreement and clear knowledge of the other one. Otherwise, it will be unfair for either one of you.

Work in Partnership

Since it is established that if you will have to live with your partner and coexist together, you will have to cooperate. It cannot go on if it is a one-sided effort. You both will have to give an equal share from your sides. Then cooperating will be easy and simpler. But first, a common ground must be found. If you both have the same past-time activities, nothing can be greater than this. This way when you both are free, you can work on your favorite activities together. Share the specific details about what TV shows you both like to watch or movie genres you both prefer. Watching shows or movies together is another group activity in which you can both participate equally. Likewise, when you become so into doing things together in a partnership, you will also do cleaning together. It will become easier to share and distribute the cleaning chores between both of you. The purpose here is to build a partnership in which each one of you has some responsibilities and tasks assigned.


Ways To Boost Your Cognitive Flexibility

Just for a moment, think of yourself resting on your couch, watching Netflix and munching some fried chips right from the bag and suddenly you notice the fire alarm, the bright red color blinking and hear its piercing sound in your ears. All of this happens out of nowhere when you see your curtain half caught up with the fire because you forgot to switch off the Iron. How are you going to react?

In neurosciences “task switching” has a common mention in the study but if you’re unfamiliar with it then let me give a really rough idea of how it works, it’s basically the ability of a person to switch his thoughts according to a new stimulus that has been produced in the situation and in psychology, this concept has been given the name of “cognitive flexibility”.

Lets use a resembling situation to explain the concept of cognitive flexibility, think of yourself as an air conditioner installed in your room, take that as your brain and the temperatures of the air conditioner as your “thoughts”, you decide to stay on one constant temperature even if it’s getting colder outside and there’s a dire need of increasing the temperature but you decide not to change it and stay on the lowest temperature, this will be considered your cognitive inflexibility. The following example should be taken to consider what one should do when a new stimulus is present and how he should easily adjust his thoughts according to that situation.

Various elements have been considered to describe what cognitive flexibility is an individual’s life, this concept can be implemented when it comes to adapting to the religious transitions happening along in a century’s time, adapting to current affairs or just adjusting to a new environment. If we summarize this all, this concept basically makes you more acceptable, divergent and allows to respond better to the creativeness of the evolving world.

Rigid thinking

Rigid thinking is the direct opposite of flexibility, it makes a person react inappropriately in different or unfamiliar situations, rigid thinking becomes a problem when one starts having problem in adjustment and knows no alternatives to tackle an unfamiliar situation occurred in his surroundings, moreover, it stops the individual from exploring new ideas and concepts that exist in his environment.

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation biasness is something we start developing as we get older, for example if a person tells us about the concept of photosynthesis, which we all have learnt about when we’re in the primary school and when a younger one tells us about it, we give little to no acknowledgment, mentioning it to be a that concept we’re already aware of. This type of behavior only leads to one losing what the actual essence of learning is.


When we face failure or expect a different action directed by our brain, we target the method of reinforcement and to increase the cognitive flexibility too, we concentrate on that. The reaction to a different stimulus must be well processed by the brain, the main area of commands, and if we fail to adjust to the new stimulus then we need to learn methods to act better next time which can only be possible by reinforcement.


Memory is one of the crucial parts of the brain that affect the cognition of the brain, it allows to accept, store and retrieve the processed information in it and our actions too depend on it.

For example, you’re talking to a friend of yours who’s facing some work problems, as soon as you hear the term “work” you relate with the theme and advise him something that could help because the theme matches with yours, you’re familiar with work environments and your brain directly ticks the box of memory leading to a retrieval of information already stored in the memory.

A lot of people have been terming memory as an analog of a camera, it records an experience, stores it in and then at time of need you can retrieve that following captured experience, but the psychiatrists have termed memory a lot more complex than the basic functioning of a camera.

Information bottleneck

For example, you turn on the tap but find no water coming out directly from out, later you observe a blockage in the tap due to ample dirt stuck in between allowing little to no water to flow directly out of the tap. This concept focuses on people when they’ve too much information saved in their minds that a point comes when they’re unable to respond according to an acceptable degree.


The term itself means to prioritize or make something prominent, in neurosciences we study the concept of salience networks. Our brain is constantly full of sensory data and to act on a certain thought it needs to focus on what’s more important in that current scenario and to follow an action like that, it needs to prioritize the information that will best guide our behavior in that situation.

Low latent inhibition

You meet a friend who’s always worn spectacles and you meet him after good 6 months, you greet him normally without noticing the logo on the corner of the frame and you consider it an old information of him wearing specs and move on. In situation 2, you meet your friend after 6 months, notice the logo in the corner of the spectacles and respond immediately, you inquire about when he planned to change his spectacles and have a good conversation about it. Your brain accepts the change in the situation and acts accordingly, analyzing every detail, from the color of the logo to the place he bought his from and how long did it take him to get his spectacles back.

Mostly artists also have low latent inhibition, they’re more inclined towards gathering new facts and observe the intricate details of the subject they’re planning to base their future work on.


Myopia is the concept in psychology which relates to us not seeing what’s behind the doors, for example we might get introduced to a topic which has always been discussed before and you still hold a blurry vision of the concept, technically, making you aware of the topic. If you have a cognitive flexibility, then your brain will direct you to search further about the topic and find out about why’s everyone going in one single flow or why is there a need to create another pathway for people to walk in. if you’re capable enough to do that and adjust according to what you know is better for you and the fellow participant of the conversation is the actual cognitive flexibility.

Here are some of the ways that can efficiently help you to increase your cognitive flexibility.

Cognitive Performance And Physical Exercises:
Research has proved physical exercise to go hand in hand with the cognitive function of humans, when you exercise, happy hormones are release, commonly known as dopamine and serotonin etc. this allows you to have a lighter mood and a better acceptability towards situations that you’re unfamiliar with due to which you’ll adjust a lot better to a new stimulus.

Make new connections

One of the best sources to have a healthy mind is to form new connections with the people you’ve never met before or casually have seen them in your office but working in a different department, greet them with a simple Hello and it’d eventually lead you to having daily conversations with them to a casual friendship. Form a positive attitude towards people that have been expecting a neutral behavior from you, all of this will help you have a broader perspective of things that already are present in the society, and you’ll soon have a mind that can easily adjust to any unfamiliar situation in life.

Unfold the past experiences

Try talking to someone about whatever you’ve gone through and kept piling all that up in your mind, barricading the thoughts in one place and letting them escape can lead you to have higher chances of not being capable of dealing with any situation in your life because you’ll already be too busy with whatever’s happened in the past.

Imagination and practicality

At the time of accumulation of thoughts, try to widen your perspective with thoughts that allow practicality for the information you’re storing in, figure out ways that can make you bring them to some use, this method allows you to stay ahead of the unexpected situations in the future.

A willing attitude

Keep your attitude in a positive and constantly remind yourself that you’re up for whatever’s going to become an obstacle in your life, if you got clear intentions then you’re good to go.

Self-determination for learning

 Equipping yourself with knowledge is a lifelong process and it’s never too late to equip yourself with a new skill that’ll allow to invest yourself in something productive or simply will earn you a few bucks and both are going to facilitate you only.

Positive thinking

This method is a key to have a better cognitive function when every other step feels a little difficult implement in your life, try to have a clear and positive mind when there’s a sudden need of sorting out a situation that has been placed right in front of you. Try to have a clear mind when you’re supposed to decide.

Secondly, find creativity and a bit of joy in every aspect of life, learn methods that can equip you with activities that allow you to have a joyful mood, go to a walk with your dog or normally implement some laughing therapies in your daily routine. Once you find a way to find humor in your daily life, you brain is forced to adjust to different situations that are most likely to occur in your life.

Explain after you learn

Some years back there’s this quote that I randomly read while surfing on the internet, if you’re able to explain a concept than you’ve learnt it but if you’re unable to do that then you need to relearn the previous concept. To implement this concept in your life just stand in front of a mirror and explain the concept to yourself, if you succeed then you’ve learnt it in the best possible way.


Homeschool Science Lava Lamp

I’m constantly on the lookout for new ways to educate while entertaining my sons. The younger boy enjoys experimenting with things and learning how things work.

This involved taking things apart quite often when he was a younger child.

He now enjoys manipulating electronics to see just how much he can do or create with said electronic device or game.

But that doesn’t mean this Mama doesn’t keep an eye out for something fun to do for our hands-on unschooling activities from time to time.

Today I’m sharing one of our quick fun science sessions we had a month or two ago …

We made a homemade “Lava Lamp”

I apologize in advance for the lack of excellent photos. We were having so much fun, I didn’t quite capture every moment in the pictures!

BUT you can scroll on down, buy the supplies, and make this with your kids so that you can capture your own memories in photos!

Watch our Homemade Lava Lamp Erupt

This fun science experiment will show your kids how hard it is to get water and oil to mix. Spoiler alert – they won’t ever mix. My son tried. He mixed and shook and gave it all his night but nope – oil and water do not mix ever!

This is a fun way to enjoy teaching your kids about chemicals and how things react or act when placed together. While you can’t keep this on the nightstand for a true “lamp”, it’s a truly fun experiment to enjoy with kids of all ages!


Boost Your Oxygen Levels with These Simple Techniques

We always want to stay full and untired, don’t we? But unfortunately, it isn’t possible. But yes, you can at least keep yourself fresh and healthy most of the time if you have enough amount of oxygen in your blood. So, how can we boost our oxygen levels? That’s what this post contains. You won’t believe that there is no need of spending a lot of money or making any oppressive changes in your life because you can increase your oxygen levels with the help of some simple and easy ways.

In that regard, let’s see what are they!

Posture improvement

You may not have contemplated stance and its connection with upgraded oxygen within the blood, however, they may be simply connected! On the point whilst you stand, walk or take a seat in a slumped act, it thwarts the respiration cycle to a point. Eventually, you might not get the proper amount of oxygen. Sitting or taking walks with an erect back and glued stance empowers extra oxygen to be breathed in, and which could filled in the bloodstream additionally.

Consuming food with essential fatty acids

Eating meals sorts containing the essential unsaturated fats are beneficial from several factors of view. Those food resources are perfect inside the occasion that you want to build the amount of oxygen within the blood stream. Food resources with intensifies like alpha-linolenic corrosive and linoleic corrosive are tremendously precious in such away. You should consume several soybeans, flaxseeds, and pecans.


On the point whilst you eat meal assets loaded with cell reinforcements, your body can utilize oxygen in an advanced way. Certain nutrients, including vitamins E and C, have demonstrated antioxidant properties. You could consume meals sorts like cranberries, blueberries, pink kidney beans, and dull verdant greens to improve your admission of cell reinforcements.

Evading carbon monoxide and CO2

Try to stay away from zones and regions where the grouping of carbon monoxide and comparative gases are better. It’s miles elusive such areas in metropolitan districts but. By way of and through, try to live far from streets wherein gridlock is greater.

Deep breathing

At the point whilst you need to soak up more oxygen, resort to deep respiration methods. Moderate and profound breathing techniques empower more oxygen to enter your lungs and get into the circulation of blood in the end.


To guarantee your blood is injected with oxygen, you need to work out routinely. The moment you work out, your body becomes able to consume oxygen better than the ordinary state. As long as the CO2 levels increase, the breath rate will be improved through your brain to get more levels of oxygen. Your lung and heart perform at the ideal limit during the activity to allow more oxygen. It has been seen that individuals distressed with COPD and the resultant low oxygen immersion can improve blood oxygen levels through work out.

Staying away from drugs or alcohols

Via abstaining from smoking and liquor usage, you can assure your bloodstream is mixed with the essential amount of oxygen. Manifestly, getting rid of such propensities is precious in your standard wellness.

Getting fresh air

At the factor when you make spend more time in areas where the amount of pollution is less and natural air is available, your blood circulation receives a great amount of oxygen. You may plant shrubs and trees in your nursery as they absorb CO2 and release oxygen into the weather. You may likewise resort or morning walks and jogging through the riverside, an open area like a green area or a park where the air is more energizing to absorb extra oxygen via relaxing. Assure the rooms in your home are correctly ventilated too.

Since you recognize how to build oxygen stage in blood, what are you sitting tight for? Try to follow these straightforward suggestions today and spot the aftereffects of the oxygen ranges for your blood starting. With your oxygen tiers better, you’ll feel less exhausted and prepared to tackle the world!


Red, White, and Blue Patriot Pretzel Rods

This pretty red, white, and blue patriot pretzel rods recipe is a must-make this year! Whether you want a Memorial Day snack, or looking for that unique 4th of July treat I am confident that these patriotic pretzel rods will work!

Today I wanted to share a recipe that someone created that will be shared all over the blogging community, I am sure.

This is a fun recipe idea that I plan to make for our 4th of July family fun day. You see, not only do I love having fun as a mom, but I enjoy making our fun into some sort of learning session.

Whether the boys are learning about measuring cups and spoons, or how to melt chocolate wafers to create decorative pretzel rods or making our state’s cookie – they enjoy having fun and learning, too!

Supplies for Red, White, and Blue Pretzel Rods

  • 12 oz bag pretzel rods
  • 1 cup blue candy melting wafers
  • 1 cup red candy melting wafers
  • ¼ cup white candy melting wafers
  • Red, white and blue sprinkles

This is such a fun treat to make any time of the year! This recipe will use the whole 12 oz bag of pretzel rods, which equates to approximately 11 rods. Feel free to swap out the colors with other wafers for various parties and events!


Handling Jealousy Efficiently When It Exists Within A Family

Jealousy is a common part of our nature that sparks in all of us normally, it might be positive or negative and the method of dealing with this is a delicate enough. The individual differences are to be clearly thought about before you put yourself in a position where you ‘re trapped in a closed path. Every individual has different emotions, and they require different ways of being dealt with when it comes to effectively dealing with jealousy.

Reasons Why A Family Member Can Be Jealous

Shakespeare has had his own way of referring to people who’ve been afflicted by jealousy. Referring this concept to be the “green-eyed monster” after considering the power and authority this little term has. The weight can only be considered when you find others around you becoming a part of this and then you’re required to filter out the people later.

Jealousy has its own reasons, and it can commonly be found at various households. The basis on which this “green-eye” stands on can be mentioned clearly or perhaps there can be other veiled reasons which are to be dug out before taking any action to reach any possible solution. One of the most common causes is self-comparison. When one continuously compares himself to another family member, there’s a high likelihood of this occurring in the family.

Secondly, there can be a portray of achievements, which they tend to be the highest and in the race to achieve what they’ve had after a long period of time, there can be chances of jealousy because another member fails to acknowledge the individual differences. When one thinks of achieving something has always been easy, that’s where one tends to get affected by this.

Understand The Signs Of Jealousy

This emotional attitude can be represented through several forms and to recognize that, you need to be able to know the signs jealousy can be portrayed in. Once you find yourself capable of understanding the basic signs, you’ll know the further steps as well. Here are few of the most common signs of jealousy you can expect from a family member.

  1. They’re mostly delighted over your failures, a smirk or a smile can be expected.
  2. That family member tries to duplicate his actions according to your daily methods of performing a task.
  3. They’re likely to taunt you or put you down once things don’t go according to your way. “I knew this was going to happen” is one of the toxic traits of an individual.
  4. Your positive intentions are twisted in a way that it later looks negative.
  5. There’s constant criteria set from their side when you think you’re doing your best, it won’t satisfy them because they raise their expectations.
  6. This family member is the first person to point his finger towards you whenever something goes wrong in the family.

Consider The Individual Feelings Of A Person

The major thing is accepting that every human has feelings and the person you feel like is jealous has them too. Look out for any reasons that can easily cost you peace and don’t bottle the negativity during this phase of your life. Look towards the positive things and the situation might not be as you consider it to be. At the end, look on the brighter side and accept what they feel as well.

Understand The Causes Of Jealousy

The root cause can be tough to figure out and needs conscious attention towards it. If you jump towards the conclusion without giving it a good thought, it has a high likelihood of resulting into severe complications in your life. Figure out what can be the most possible cause and what they try to point out towards more. If its possible for you then try having an open conversation with them and discuss the negative aspects of your relationship with them.

Communication Is The Key

Bottling up the feelings have never done any good in any aspect of one’s life. Communication has always been on the top when it comes to sorting out issues which were considered to be based on some signs which had no clear ground. When you open yup about what you feel about them, it gives a clear cut to the direction the problem is making you head towards.

Evaluate Your Personal Behavior

Instead of putting it all on other’s head, think if your behavior has been rational. Do you justify your own attitude towards them? Or has it all been an assumption and reality there was nothing wrong? One of the reasons is also thinking our emotional behaviors are always justifiable and there can’t be anything every wrong with it. try giving your own behavior and evaluation. This will allow you to understand that if the problem actually has a base or was it a reaction to your irrational behavior towards them?

Don’t Make Yourself Responsible For Mending Other’s Behavior

Don’t get yourself responsible for everything that goes wrong and you’re there to mend them up. Instead, if you feel like things are going towards the wrong side then stay back. Try to reconcile and if that doesn’t work as well then avoid becoming someone who thinks he’s supposed to be the fixer of every issue.

Handling The Jealousy That Stays In The Family

It’s not necessary that this is how your family will always stay like. There’s a possibility of things being fixed after a regular and healthy communication between the family members. To bring things on the brighter side, know the significance of your family values and avoid every inconvenience that occurs in the family boundaries.