Polka Dot Kindness Rocks Crafts for Kids

It’s so much fun to find new ways to spread happiness and kindness to others. With so many people starting to get outdoors now that summer is here, I wanted to feature a fun way to use those rocks you find outside.

These polka dot kindness rocks crafts for kids are so simple to make and will bring much joy to your life!

What To do with Polka Dot Kindness Rocks

I have so many ideas for what to do with these kindness rocks …

  • Use stencils and put a single positive word on each river rock and then place it out somewhere in the community for someone to happen on and smile.
  • Stick the polka dot rocks as is around the neighborhood to spread some joy.
  • Paint the polka dots in a favorite friend or family member’s colors and give them a kindness rock as a birthday or holiday gift.

Supplies to Make Polka Dot Kindness Rocks

  • River rocks
  • Craft paint in coordinating colors (colors used – Aquamarine and Tuscan Teal)
  • 1 inch paint brush
  • Round foam paint brush
  • Newspaper
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English Muffin Pizzas Made With Love

Every Friday in this house for many years, we eat pizza! Now Friday has changed over the years. It started with a slumber party in the living room, complete with mattressed dragged into the living room for all three kids. Next we stopped the slumber party, but we continued watching a movie and eating pizza every Friday.

As the kids got older, I switched it up even more and now we just eat pizza. The teens can eat in their room if they want on Fridays or they can stay at the table with me. While our Friday ritual has adapted with the aging of the kids, we still enjoy our Pizza Friday event!

Most recently I decided to switch it up and make English muffin pizzas. We had a variety of options and while the middle kid decided he doesn’t like English muffin pizzas made with love for some reason, the youngest kiddo and I enjoyed them very much.

If you’re looking to switch things up for pizza night at home, then you may consider trying these homemade English muffin pizzas, too!

supplies to make english muffin pizzas photoe of pepperoni, english muffins, sausage, pizza sauce, peppers, mozzarella cheese, and garlic

English Muffin Pizzas Ingredients

English muffins

Hormel Pepperoni Minis

Market Basket Pizza Sauce

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Optional: Minced Garlic

Optional: Market Basket Frozen Peppers and Onions Slices

How do you make a fast pizza?

The best way to make fast pizza is to use my English muffin pizza recipe. You toast each English muffin, gather the ingredients, preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and within 10 minutes you’ll have a delicious pizza to eat.

English muffin pizzas are one of my favorite budget family meals. This is one of those meals I used to make when I was home alone with my little sister back in the day. They’re delicious! You can put so many differen toppings on these and enjoy a delightful mini pizza anytime you want!

Tips for Hosting Family Pizza Night

You can scroll down to see the recipe. I want to share some tips for those out there reading this for a family pizza night idea to have some ideas of various ways I’ve hosted pizza night in the past.

You see, my kids are teens and one is an adult now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make life fun or share some of our old school favorite ideas for pizza night!

Get All The Toppings

I typically make 12 to 24 English muffin pizzas because you just never know how many the family will eat. I was able to nab a 99 cents clearance package of English muffin pizzas the night I made these. You’ll want as many toppings as possible so the kids can pick and choose their toppings.

Get The Kids Involved

I’m all about getting the kids involved with various activities around the home. For example, I would probably print this recipe and make the youngest kid read the ingredients as I ran around the kitchen gathering them. This helps him practice some reading and learn about the various measurements of ingredients, depending on the recipe.

pepperoni minis with english mufin pizzas in the background
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Overcoming Decision Paralysis And Fighting Procrastination

Considering our regular lifestyles, we go through a daily requirement of decision making and in that process the decision completely relies on us. The most basic tasks are, what to eat for breakfast, should you make your own coffee or buy a one and lastly, the decision of what to wear at work. These all are the most basic decisions that a regular person needs to take daily. These contribute to the category of making smaller decisions in life whereas there’s another category, that has a higher demand from an individual and that’s bigger decisions in life. Its normal for people to procrastinate when these decisions require our attention to them in case you procrastinate for a longer period of time, then this is known as decision paralysis.

Decision paralysis has been known as different terms as well, for example “analysis paralysis” or “choice paralysis”. These have been the terms which normally refer to a condition where a person is unable to make an appropriate decision according to the need of time. It’s not only the decision but the amount of pressure he feels on himself and one of the factors is the future he wants to avoid which can most certainly take place after him taking a decision which might turn out wrong.

The Reasons Why We Tend To Fall Into The Decision Paralysis

Due to the increased number of products in the market, there has been a high witness of analysis paralysis in the attitude of the consumers. This mostly occurs due to loads of procrastination but also the will to achieve perfection. Meanwhile a human doesn’t always have the capability to achieve that stage at every phase of his life, but the fear of failure constantly keeps us involved in the process of decision paralysis. Supposedly, the most common factor is the internet, everything being available in the market has brought the people to a stage where its easier for them to procrastinate and make choices later which are a need of time at that particular moment.

Moreover, this isn’t an unsolvable issue but there are various ways one can find out a solution for this and instead of thinking it to be the end of the world, there are few methods that can come handy during this situation. Bringing another situation as an example, deciding in the department store where you need to select a bottle of orange juice might seem to be hard and this hasn’t been the case with only one but since the introduction of the internet and a higher variety in the market has complicated things a lot more than before. According to a research, immediate decision proves to be almost near a correct decision, although a slight expectancy is available which includes all the risk factors of the product you’re purchasing. Although a higher ratio clearly makes it more understandable that quicker decisions aren’t always the worst decisions you’ll be making.

One of the other reasons is having different thoughts running in your mind before you make a purchase, and this is how you’ll be prone to be stuck with a decision paralysis. While purchasing a product it’s necessary for you to know what you’re going for instead of getting distracted by other thoughts in that moment. Eradicate that unsureness of the purchase you’re making and know that it has to be the need of time. Keep yourself focused instead of thinking about your failures in that moment and this will sure help you fight decision paralysis.

Ways You Can Fight Decision Paralysis

In today’s paradise of consumerism, there are tons of options, and all require you to make your brain function and stay focused on what you really want from yourself. Don’t think of yourself as someone who has to make perfect decision as this will only lead to a higher confusion before making a purchase.

Don’t Pressurize Yourself With High Expectations

Stop putting a load of pressure on yourself and don’t expect the best from yourself as it only raises the normal human standard. Understand that its normal to be stuck into a decision-making paralysis and all it requires is one to be conscious about what they’re burning. Keep yourself focused but in case you procrastinate, understand the fact that delaying it will only lead towards higher issues and that’s the result of avoidance. Use the below mentioned techniques to find a way to avoid any decision and most importantly, remember that you need some appreciation from yourself and focus on the right approach.

Gather The Facts

Just gather some facts about what you’re about to purchase, a little research will help you with this. Talk to someone about whatever you’re up for purchasing or if it’s some life related decision and you need to make that then its better to talk to someone before then. Gather the facts about whatever you’re up for decision and if the list gets too long just cut down the extra points and narrow it down to some selected options that should be considered.

Allow The Positive Energy To Surround You

If you’re constantly surrounded by negative energy then there’s a high chance of you continuously face worry and anxiety about whatever decision you’re about to take. Keep a positive energy around you and if you don’t find one then allow some space that could help it build in your surroundings. This eliminates the source of toxic and negative sources of options that could allow you to make a healthy and positive decision.

Recognize Your Fears If There Are Any

 Mostly, decision paralysis is a result of fears we have built in our mind. This not only allows us to focus on the brighter side but also make healthier decisions without procrastinating. Once you recognize the fears you have inside you, it opens a larger option of how things can be done in a positive way as well.


Metamorphosis | Live Caterpillars to Butterflies

We had a blast one year with our caterpillars kit. You can enjoy watching live caterpillars turn into butterflies while homeschooling with these amazing kits. This was our first attempt at trying to do something that I enjoyed as a child in school.

Back in my elementary years we would go into the field and collect a chrysalis from a milkweed plant and watch it grow in the classroom. Then there were other times when we just walked up to the field that had tons of milkweed to check in on the chrysalises.

Most of my elementary years were spent doing a lot of nature and outdoor type of learning, as that’s sort of how they did it back then!

Alright, so back to the story at hand. We ordered or butterfly growing kit online and waited for its arrival.

We used the Nature Gift Store to receive our caterpillars kit and live caterpillars. This kit comes with:

  • 5 Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillars with food
  • Pop up net cage with zipper
  • Easy instructions
  • And everything you need to complete this homeschool fun project.
  • NOTE: You can buy a butterfly growing kit without live caterpillars! You’ll get a coupon to save on your later purchase of live caterpillars when you opt to do this.

My sons are a bit older, but they loved doing this life science STEM homeschool project. I can’t seem to find the photos of our live caterpillars, but below you’ll see how they formed into chrysalises to later become beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.

As you can see above, the live caterpillars ate their food and did their thing to hang upside down until they were ready to become beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.

It was hard to get photos of the live caterpillars turning into butterflies, but the above photo shows four Painted Lady Butterflies eating their food inside the pop up net.

You can see their beauty in the below photo that we took outside while working to set these butterflies free!

Tips for Successful Butterfly Growing

You can buy live caterpillars all year round, but we wanted to time this so that we could set the Painted Lady Butterflies free during the onset of warm weather here in New Hampshire.

We felt that gave the butterflies a big chance of success in surviving out there in the wild.

It’s imperative that you keep the live caterpillars in a quiet space while they’re eating and working to turn into the chrysalis.

Once they have all hung from the top of their food bowl area, you need to slowly work to transfer the chrysalis to the top of the pop net butterfly growing cage.

The above photo is what you’ll see when you take the cover off the live caterpillars bowl. You need to do this part very carefully so that you don’t distrub the hanging caterpillars.

Once you have the cover off and the chrysaslis are hanging there all safe and sound. It’s time to attach them to the top of the pop net for your butterfly growing stage of this homeschool life science and family fun project.

I’ll be honest with you, they look disgusting to me! I did enjoy watching them transform though and once the butterflies emerged ready to eat their food we followed the steps to provide the newborn butterflies with their food.

They even got a watermelon treat, something they enjoyed a lot!

So, as you can see this was a rather fun family bonding activity that all three kids and us adults enjoyed taking part in last year. We hope that you’re able to get some live caterpillars and go through this process of butterfly growing with your family, too!

We were certain to let our butterflies crawl onto our hands! Ensure your kids understand that touching the beautiful butterfly wings will cause them to lose their wing dust and cause major harm to the butterflies.

While you did raise these beauties from live caterpillars to butterflies, they are still wild creatures who must be treated with care.

This is such a low-cost way to learn more about metamorphosis and watching live caterpillars grow.

Your kids will love learning more about nature and how beautiful butterflies are created!


Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Body Temperature

Hardly a stage in your life has passed by where you haven’t fallen ill or called in sick. Then if your conditions don’t improve and your health deteriorates, you go see a doctor. What does the doctor do first when you tell them what’s wrong with you? They take out a thermometer to check your body temperature. Isn’t that true? The doctor looks for the symptoms of fever in you by taking your body temperature. If it is above normal, then they tell you that you’re suffering from a fever and then prescribe you some medication. Apart from being used as an indication of fever or something, your body temperature comes with some other stimulating facts. And they vary depending on your sex, your age, your vital signs, whenever you eat something naturally cold or hot, and whenever you tell a lie, even then. Let’s look into what interesting things about us our body temperature can tell.

Our Usual Body Temperature

When we are all well and internally fit, our body temperature is measured to be 37℃ (98.6℉). This is the normal value for human body temperature. At times, it can vary between 97℉ and 99℉. It can lower down or rise just a minor bit. It is a common observation that our temperature is higher than usual in the mornings till late afternoons and evenings. Gradually, as the day changes into night, it steadily falls and comes back to normal. It is normally because, during the nighttime, the temperature is lower than what it is during the day. So, our body takes effects and adapts to its surrounding temperature. You will also observe that your temperature rises whenever you’re engaged in intense physical activity. Like, if you’re running on a treadmill or jogging, your temperature will increase.

One peculiar fact is that the temperature of newborn babies and minor infants is slightly higher than that of much older children and adults. That is 99.5℉ (37.5℃). This is due to the fact that the total surface area of babies is comparably larger than their weight. Their metabolism is faster and more energetic.

The Nasty Experience of Fever

You are likely aware that you get fever when your normal body temperature rises and increase in value. It can upsurge to 104℉ (40℃) that is dangerous. Beyond that, things get very serious. Fever is an indication by your body that something’s wrong with it. Whatever wrong happens inside, you will get a fever first. You will fall ill with some kind of sickness. At first, their intensity will be higher. For some time, your forehead and your cheeks will burn like a car engine. Then, with time, it will diminish and cool down a bit. Some several symptoms and signs might come along with the fever. You may experience some of them or not at all. Those include a sense of weakness like you’re unable to move your hand, severe headache, feeling cold, cold sweating, and some others. Some people also feel a lack of hunger. They feel that if they eat something, they might vomit. This feeling keeps them from eating anything. Better check in with a doctor and seek their expert advice.

There are some other very severe and serious symptoms and effects of fever. Your skin may get a rash that will painfully throb when you scratch it, slight pain in different body parts especially in the neck and under the abdomen, heavy and short breathing, eyes sensitivity to brightness, a strong feeling of nausea and vomiting. Without wasting any time, you should consult and get yourself checked and examined by a qualified health professional if all these symptoms continue.

One must take extra care and measures when it is the health matter of infants and minors. The resistance of their immunity power is lower than that of adults. Their body is sensitive so they are more vulnerable to getting affected by fever. If their body temperature goes higher than usual, to prevent infection, seek medical professional help immediately. If your baby is not more than a quarter of a year old and is burning with a temperature of equals to or more than 38℃ (100.4℉), call for the nearest pediatrician available to your home. Also, seek immediate medical attention if the baby is about half a year old and has a temperature of almost 39℃ (102℉) or more. You should keep an eye on the fever conditions of your baby if they are up to 2 years of age. A normal fever shouldn’t last more than a day. Call for the doctor if it continues for more than that.

You see, not only the age of your baby matters but also the time duration of the fever. If your baby is living the third year or more of their life and they got a fever that lasts more than three days, then get them examined by a pediatrician right away. Don’t panic like most people normally do and start thinking sensibly. Your child might start behaving erratically. Don’t worry. That’s because of the extreme intensity of the fever. Once they get the first attention and examination by a doctor, they will be calm and back to normal.

Fever can be Supportive Against a Viral Infection

You will not believe this but fever might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you sometimes. People usually wish that they and their loved ones might never get fever and that they remain healthy and energetic. Although fever is viewed negatively, it can assist you greatly in combatting several viral infections. During the fever, your body gets warm. It seems bad but there’s a hidden benefit in that. Whatever germs of any viruses are in your body soon to be incubated; they are killed due to your body heat. It’s just like, boiling the water, kills the germs in it. Doesn’t this sound awesome?

Is Body Temperature Specified by Gender?

Surprisingly enough, according to university-based research and study, it is found that the overall body temperature of females is a bit higher than that of males. It means that women’s body heat accounts up to a temperature of 97.8℉ (36.5℃) as compared to men’s 97.4℉ (36.3℃). One stimulating fact is that, in comparison between the temperature of hands of both genders, men have the upper hand. Their hands are 2.8℉ warmer than the hands of women. Women have their hands at 87.2℉ (30.6℃) as compared to men’s 90℉ (32.2℃). This implies that women have colder hands.

Maintaining Your Temperature Doesn’t Necessarily Involve Wearing a Hat

Wearing a hat is a common practice during the winters when stepping outside. There is a myth that body heat makes its way out through our heads. That’s the reason, mothers always make their children wear a hat when they go outside to play in the snow and build a snowman. So that their body remains warm and they couldn’t catch any cold. Now, recent researches have proved this phenomenon wrong. Loss of heat only through the head is not necessarily true. In fact, whatever body part that is not covered is providing a way for the heat to make its way outside. In this way, your overall body temperature decrease. That’s the main reason we often feel sick and fall ill mostly when the winters arrive.

Red Chili Pepper May Trigger an Escalation in Normal Temperature of the Body

If you’re a fan of spicy foods with lots of chilies or if you’re struggling with weight gain, then this is news for you. According to a study by physiology and behavioral studies, eating red chili pepper increases your body temperature and activates your body’s metabolism, making it work faster. The experiment which led to such findings had the participants include a gram of red chili in their food. Later, it was observed that their overall body temperature has risen but a decline in skin temperature was also noted. The heat was increased in the body by the effect of red chili pepper. So, it is good news for obese people who are struggling to lose their body weight.

The Lower Temperature of Heart is a Key for Brain Protection

Medical health practitioners use a technique on people who survive a heart attack to keep them breathing. It’s like they are cheating death. Therapeutic Hypothermia is that technique or treatment. When the person miraculously survives the cardiac arrest and starts breathing again, medical professionals use devices that induce coolness. This way, they reduce the body temperature of the patient by 5 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit. The logic behind this is that if your temperature is lower than normal, your heart will be calm and keep beating normally at a normal rate. This also calms down the brain. But, one thing is for sure, I must say. If the final time has come for a person, no technology in the world can save them.

Your Temperature of the Body Decreases with the Increase in Your Age

If you’re an old-timer and always feeling cold around you even during high temperatures of the day, then don’t worry. It is your age that is making you feel like this. It is correct, though. A survey was conducted on more than a hundred nursing home residents. In that survey, they were grouped specifically according to their ages based on different age groups. Then their temperature was noted. It was discovered that people over 85 years of age have their body temperatures 93.5℉, meaning slightly above 34℃. People falling in the categories of lower ages than 85 had generally higher temperatures. It seems, the more you age, the more your temperature decreases. The colder it gets. This was an important discovery. It showed that elderly adults are more prone to getting sick as compared to younger generations.

What is Your Body Temperature When You’re Diagnosed with COVID?

Before anything else, you must know that reduced body temperature is not among the symptoms of COVID. Although, fever is a very common symptom that usually a person feels at the earliest of stages.

According to the set international standards regarding body temperature during contact with the COVID, the temperature should be equal to or higher than 38℃ (100.4℉). If it crosses that limit, then a person will be considered ill. According to the guidelines, body temperature should be taken twice a day.

If you have a fever along with other symptoms of COVID, it is advised by the authorities to stay at your home to reduce the risk of anyone outside catching your virus. Remain there and call for the health department from your home. Sometimes people have just small, minor symptoms and they easily recover from them at home.

Your Temperature Varies While You’re Lying

Are you aware of the “Pinocchio effect”? You probably have heard Pinocchio stories, how his nose grows longer every time he speaks a lie. This effect is related closely on this basis. Through research by a Spanish university based in Grenada, it was discovered that when you lie, the temperature of particularly around your forehead increases. And the temperature of your nose decreases. Further developments are going on. In the future, this method can be used in lie-detecting machines that are already in use. Though, the way they are used is in reference to the blood pressure. When you lie, a sudden spike in your blood pressure can be observed clearly.


Glitter Snowflake Craft Sticks Craft

This glitter snowflake craft sticks craft for kids is a fun way to get excited for the holidays! All you need is a few low-cost supplies that many parents have in the craft supply closet already.

There are so many fun crafts you can make using craft sticks, or as I always call them popsicle stick crafts for kids! This is an excellent way to shut off those electronics and have a little fun with the family. I don’t know about you, but glitter always makes me feel happier.

Supplies for Glitter Snowflake Craft Sticks Craft

  • 3 Craft sticks (per ornament)
  • White paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Tacky glue
  • White glitter
  • 6 inch piece of thin white ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Paper or mat

How do you cut Popsicle sticks for crafts?

You’re going to cut popsicle sticks for crafts but you’re not sure how to cut them for the craft. Well, we’ve run into this with our pet rats cage before. Since we didn’t want rough edges, we used wire cutters to cut our craft sticks to make a safe, not rough edged path or ladder for our pet rats.

If you don’t mind a rough edge, then you can use serrated scissors to cut popsicle sticks for crafts. I suggest you just use wire cutters and not let the kids get too close as you complete this adult task.

How do you harden Popsicle sticks?

During the steps of this glitter snowflake craft for kids, you’ll need to wait some time to allow the tacky glue to dry. This can be quite boring for young kids. Consider getting some of our outdoor family supplies to enjoy the backyard while your craft sticks dry.

If all else fails, you can attempt to use super glue to make sure the sticks hold hard faster than they would with tacky glue. The downside to using super glue is that your younger kids won’t be able to take part in that step of this fun Christmas snowflake craft for kids!

This is such a fun way to spend quality time together with kids of all ages. I never grow tired of making creative things using craft sticks. I hope that this glitter snowflake craft has inspired you to get crafty with some sticks, tacky glue, and glitter today!


Energy Drinks – Good or Bad? Let the truth be Told

We want to be energetic all day long. To be active, and doing anything tirelessly is a pretty amazing feeling, indeed. Exercising and eating a healthy diet are the sources of being energetic, which let us live a healthy lifestyle routine. Therefore, undoubtedly, I prefer healthy eating and keeping your body in motion to stay energetic. Anyhow, it is common that we often feel a bit tired and busy to follow our healthy routines. In that regard, drinking an energy drink is the best alternative for boosting our energy levels, and making us able to complete any task. So, let’s have a look at energy drinks and an answer that shows whether energy drinks are good or bad for us?

What exactly energy drinks are?

Energy drinks are generally known as the booster of energy, activeness, and alertness. Many students consume energy drinks for keeping themselves active during a late-night study, as well as some athletes use energy drinks as a source of enhancing the performing ability on the field and not getting tired. Although, some researches have shown that energy drinks or caffeine can boost muscle power.

Sports drinks are different from energy drinks

Yes, energy drinks and sports drinks are not the same things at all. Sports drinks contain electrolytes, minerals, carbohydrates, and they are flavor mixed drinks. However, sometimes they do contain vitamins and nutrients as well. Even though sports drinks can’t be a substitute for water but they can be used for hydration, which is, according to me, a better option. On the other hand, caffeine is the main ingredient of most energy drinks. Along with this, an ingredient called guarana is also presented in energy drinks. According to studies, guarana is considered a safe ingredient to use in drinks. It is called a stimulant.  

What would happen if we excessively consume energy drinks?

As far as the question is concerned that “are energy drinks good for me?” So, you should aware of the risks. Indeed, while energy drinks are useful to boost your physical performance and keeping your mind active, consuming too much isn’t a good option at all. However, you should know some of the things before consuming energy drinks. Drinking occasionally or once in a while isn’t a big deal but those who drink frequently need to aware of the chemicals, extra and artificial sweeteners, and unhealthy sugar (cause of inflammation) present in energy drinks. And what’s worse? Energy drinks do contain a habitual effect, which means if you consume excessively there might be a chance that you become dependent on them. Some risks are as follows:

  • Headaches: Drinking energy drinks can cause headaches because of the caffeine present in them.
  • Dental decay: Because of the high sugary flavored content, energy drinks can cause cavities to the teeth.
  • Increase in heart rate: Excessive use of energy drinks can disturb your heart rate; it doesn’t matter if you have heart problems or not.
  • Sleep issues: Conditions like insomnia and poor-quality sleep are mostly found in those who consume energy drinks too much.
  • Anxiety: Many energy drinks contain ginseng, caffeine, ginkgo, and guarana which can cause anxiety.
  • Behavior changes: Teen boys and girls who overconsume caffeine (mainly in energy drinks) are more likely to experience a negative change in behavior than those who consume less.

Can we have an energy drink regularly?

Well, it is okay if you drink a small energy drink regularly but you must keep an eye on the habitual routine and amount of caffeine you are taking with other drinks as well like tea and coffee. The best way to drink an energy drink is to find the one that has less sugar and fewer additives, fortunately, there are some available. Anyhow, you need to limit your consumption of energy drinks by knowing the fact that per 8 ounces, the drink contains almost 80mg of caffeine, as found in most energy drinks. Therefore, it is understandable that you can drink one or two 8-ounces drinks and not more than that. And don’t forget, many energy drink containers contain more or less 16 ounces.

Are energy drinks useful in weight loss?

Caffeine quickens digestion which could help you with losing weight. The issue is, that the sugar content in caffeinated drinks is extremely excessive, and provides in your everyday carbohydrate degree. This enlargement of void calories will depart you feeling less full. Odds are, you may head for a chunk whilst hungry, solving crafted by way of the caffeine. That, however, the pleasantness of the refreshment can construct your cravings for notably extra desserts. It’s a lot wiser choice to try to lose weight through weight-loss diets, smooth eating, and the eating of calming meals sources. Devouring protein is likewise an exceptional technique to lose weight.


Simple Ways to Help you Solve Your Friendship Problems

A sweet friendship can freshen up your soul and a bitter one can dim it. As there is no rule book in friendship to tell us how to figure out things. We asked authors, researchers and therapists to help us in collecting knowledge to manage the hardships we all face in common relationships.

Unfulfilled Promises

Friendships are important for our physical and mental health, but it do not always go as smooth as you want it to be. It is possible to experience some hurt from your companion and a major reason for heartbreaks is through breaking a promise. Maybe your friends canceled a plan at the last moment or she did not come to your party but keep in mind that no one is perfect and it’s okay if this stings you have to look on the other side of the story. “if you fantasize what a perfect friend will do in any friendship, you are going to get yourself disappointment”, says Dr. Fariha, PhD, friendship expert and sociologist. She gave example from her life “when my dad passed away, a very close friend of mine did not attend his funeral. So instead of being furious, I simply asked her why she did not come. I said, “your absence at my dad’s funeral surprised me”. It is completely ok, I just want to know why you couldn’t come”. So, she came to know her friend’s father had recently passed away too, and she could not manage to attend another funeral. “I would never have guessed what was going on, never in a million year”

Unbalanced Things

It is okay and very common to face difficult times in a friendship when things go unbalanced. Maybe your friend is going through rough time and need extra support or maybe your best friend has more important things to discuss with you. So, it is important to tell what you want even if it stings the other person. “Try saying ‘I’m glad you are sharing with me what you are going through but I also want to tell you something, could you help me too?’ Or ‘now, I want you to share something with me about your life, I observed I’m always sharing about my life” says, Lee Jada, LMHC, professional counselor.

Ghosting Someone

Losing a friend can be hard, mostly when you felt it will last forever or when your bond was so strong that you thought it will not break. Right after a day out, maybe your friend did not text back or left you on seen. If you overthink about being ghosted for a long time, you may start getting angry or resent your friend. “The simple rule about companionship which is crucial to remember is, it is optional” says, Dr. Davida. This rule is applied to both parties. You choose others and voce versa. You task is not to look down on yourself and think something must be wrong with you, just because some one did not choose you, it does not mean you will miss out to get along with new friends and making strong connections with your other friends. We understand, it hurts to be ghosted so give yourself some time to heal.

Getting Left Out

No one would love to feel left out. It might be the worst feeling when you open Instagram just to find out, your pals went on a weekend trip without you. William Kavinsky, LCSW, a therapist, says, “I support my clients to tell what they feel but also try not to jump to the conclusions”. Try to talk about it with a counsellor, or your close pal, definitely not the one who left you out. This will help in figuring out the other side of the story like what were the circumstances and also how you are going to respond.

Reschedule your Plans

With tight schedules and countless restrictions, rearranging plans with your best pals is very common. It might take weeks to plan a simple Friday night plan with your best friends. The key to solve this issue lies in communication. Kay, a counsellor, suggests saying, “I want to meet you this week, I understand we both are quite busy but how about we plan something together?” It might make you feel susceptible, she says, “but the result always compensates the risk.”

Use your Envy to Benefit You

Maybe your best friend just got married and you are still single and making weird faces to scare the kids. Maybe she/he is travelling around the world and you do not have money, struggling to pay your student loans. Even when you love your friends, you can get jealous of them. Before you face this problem, use your jealousy in your favor. “Sometimes envy shows our deepest desires”, says Dr. Davida. Use your envy to make you a better version of yourself and learn from your pal’s success, she says. She added that it is possible that your friend might get jealous of you, both way, Dr Davida says, “talking to yourself can help. Remind yourself what you already have and that you can overcome your jealousy since it is a temporary feeling because you can’t let it destroy your friendship.”

Breakup with Friend

Saying goodbye to a close friend can be one of the difficult type of goodbyes to deal with. Worst part of the story is you are not allowed to feel as sad as you are allowed to feel when you break up with your lover. “Imagine yourself asking your boss for a day off because you had a fight with your friend. It sounds weird, right. Now, think about if you ask for a day off after your divorce, your boss is going to say yes”, she explains. Breaking up with a friend can be as disturbing as breaking up with your lover and it is crucial to respect this pain. “Accept that friendship is beautiful and rewarding and its loss is noteworthy”

Holding onto Broken Friendship

If you are holding on to those friendships which can not be mended than you are missing out a lot, understand that sometimes you have to let go because if someone wants to stay with you, they will make efforts. Focus on developing new relationships that live up to your sweet memories. As you start making new friends, look for common ground like creativity and devoutness. “Common core beliefs are the best way to guess the durability of a friendship”, Dr. Laura says. Having a common belief will not only make your friendship last longer but it will also help you grow as a person.

Feels like you aren’t their First Choice

Keep in mind there are ups and downs in every relationship so before you start overthinking, analyze about all the circumstances, Dr. Davida says. “maybe your friend is going through other challenges such as work and lover problems which bother them, and they have cut off their selves from the outside world.” She says. “Go and find out what is happening in your friend’s life that is affecting your friendship. If your friend is not picking up your calls or hanging out with you because of you, talk about it and see it if is not too late to figure things out.”

When Life Happens

It is both, sad and bitter but you may grow apart from many of your close friends. For Example, some might get married and get stuck in the hustle and bustle of their new married life or maybe your “partying buddy” moves on from partying stage as they enter into the adulthood. Kay often observe clients fixing a friendship which is just breaking them as a person. She says that the friend who is going forward may feel discomfort and guilt as they leave their friends behind. The way to healthy friendship is to let you pals play roles in life. Do not hope too much from one friend. When you feel like you are ready to go for a wild weekend trip or to a party, ask your friend if they are up too.

Real Life Friends

Looking at your Instagram profile and the thick number of followers that you have got, you might be fooling yourself if you think you have hundreds of friends. Because when you want to go out for a movie or for coffee you will notice, no one is actually there. So, make real life friends since you can not depend on these virtual connections, Dr. Davida says. One way to make such friends is through joining any group in your neighborhood who you can meet regularly. Laura explains when she had a baby, she linked with women of her neighborhood who recently became mothers, so they used to meet regularly and talk about motherhood and it also helped her build new friendships. Laura writes, “if we could understand the benefits of real friends, I guess we will be more cautious in treating them”. So, pamper your friends and tell them how much you admire your pals. We hope this will help you build stronger connection with your friends.

We hope this article will make your bond stronger with your close friends!


Diseases Triggered by Deficiency of Minerals and Vitamins

Eating several products with added minerals and vitamins doesn’t mean you are eating healthy anyways. Unless you realize what is the purpose of those added nutrients. There is a slight difference between the nutrients contained in a portion of specific food and the nutrients you actually need to consume. Although if you fail to consume the right and appropriate nutrients required for your body, definitely all of your consumption of those heavily added nutrients will be nothing but a waste of time. And not to mention, the deficiency of nutrients required for your body will cause you several diseases. Here is what you may suffer if you don’t eat the proper healthy food with essential vitamins and nutrients.


Beriberi mainly found throughout Asia, and in countries where eating boiled rice is a trend. The Sinhalese articulation “beriberi” implies, “I can’t, I can’t,” and gets from the inability to complete even the most legit of tasks once the polyneuritis (nerve disease) conveyed around by the lack of vitamin B1 (thiamine) has constantly hurt the neurons, when the circumstance has progressed to the stop-degree.

Despite the truth that beriberi was perceived to exist in rice-eating nations years and years ago, its ordinariness impact with the introduction of steam-pushed rice-purging verdure from Europe. The unparalleled taste of the prepared white rice drove various neighborhood people to abandon the close by (unpolished) brown rice, and in doing, all things considered, spurn their fundamental wellspring of thiamine. From the mid-60s till the 2000s, individuals whose plant use becomes controlled to the cleaned white rice may as often as possible snare several symptoms like emotional disturbances, weight loss, pain, and difficulty in walking. Throughout the whole region, it was considered the major cause of mortality.

During the 1880s, a doctor named Robert Walker began examining the intentions in this pandemic at a lab inside the Dutch East Indies (Jakarta, Indonesia as of now), and from the outset all-inclusive that the condition was triggered through bacterial pollution. However, following pretty some time of investigation, he showed up at the choice that “white rice is harmful.” He decided this through dealing with a social affair of chickens solely white rice, and each other gathering unpolished brown rice. The chickens that consumed white rice was more likely be affected by beriberi than those who consumed brown rice. Walker in like manner found that when the chickens dealt with white rice had been on this way fed brown rice afterward, they recovered from their sickness! Later dietary looking at on prisoners attested his belongings. Notwithstanding the truth that he didn’t have the haziest idea roughly the reason for the condition, Walker demonstrated that white rice was the main reason, and shared a Nobel Prize For his amazing discovery in the medicine depart in 1925.

Mainly, we found beriberi in the modern world, yet its significant intention power is chronic alcohol—not a good diet of a couple of consistent weighty consumers, getting together with the dwindled absorption of what thiamine is consumed, prompts angle results that occasionally, unluckily left unseen until it reaches the factor of no return. As of past due, beriberi was furthermore situated in Haitian confinement places while the jail structure started purchasing imported cleaned rice from the USA, and quit taking care of their detainees the local brown rice.


The grey death, or the disease of pirates. Scurvy is normally triggered by a deficiency of Vitamin C, whose substance name, ascorbic acid, is gotten from the Latin articulation for scurvy, scorbutic. Despite the truth that the disease became perceived for almost thousands of years (portrayed by Hippocrates cycle 400 BCE), it was anything anyway a flare-up to the people who had been commonly land-sure. Regardless of the truth that its causes had been dark, various social orders comprehended that eating some herbs should switch the manifestations, thus long as there was permission to a new food, it was generally checked.

Scurvy wasn’t a major problem until the Age of Discovery (beginning of the 15th century), while individuals unfastened couldn’t get to that surely essential fresh food for many months. Stored meats and carbs contained no vitamin C, and the human body doesn’t produce vitamin C naturally.

The early side results of scurvy fuse versatile gums, joint pain, and blood spots onto the skin. Since the disease unrivaled, the teeth could turn out to be unhealthy, preposterous halitosis (unpleasant breath) could be made, the befuddled could develop to be too delicate to walking or doing something, be in extreme pain to eat, and might die on “mid-sentence,” generally from a burst vein. Most early researchers lost several men to scurvy: Vasco de Gama lost 120 out of 180 men during 1499, and during 1520, Magellan lost 205 out of 240. Several passings have been inferable from various causes, yet through some distance, most have been a result of scurvy. Regardless of not been able to pinpoint the specific reason for scurvy, during the 18th century, naval physician Bradley Halms had the decision to delineate, in what is seen because the main oversaw intelligent examination, that there is a way to control scurvy and even it can be cured by melding citrus fruits like limes and oranges into the weight-reduction plan of sailors. Despite the truth that his revelations weren’t comprehensively referenced from the start, the British military, at last, began giving well-known extents of lemon juice, and later, limes, to their sailors—which caused the articulation of “limey” concerning the British.

Nowadays, scurvy is an incredibly exceptional condition, least difficult triggered by somebody devouring unvaried eating constantly. All things considered, a high rate of oral supplementation of vitamin C adequate to reduce the condition within a few weeks, and passing by scurvy is almost unfathomable.


What reasons bothering the skin in the sunlight-based, pale skin, a craving for unrefined meat, blood spilling from the mouth, franticness, and aggression? On the off risk that you tended to “vampirism,” you are close—the fantasy of the vampire may likewise have its establishments inside the situation known as “pellagra.” Pellagra is mainly caused by a deficiency of vitamin B3 (niacin). First found and generally broke down inside the Asturian realm (Northern Spain), it was at first alluded to as “Asturian leprosy.” Notwithstanding, the condition becomes seen all over Europe, North America, the Middle East, and wherever an enormous phase of food power becomes gotten from corn, and new meat turned into unavailable.

It was before everything, recognizable that both the genuine corn or a couple of unpleasant little animals associated with corn changed into incurring pellagra. This conviction was upheld when various France shed corn as a food staple and in every practical sense, demolished the condition. From 16th century, when corn was introduced in Europe, to the late 19th century, almost 80% of the places was affected by pellagra due to the over consumption of cornmeal etc.

As the 20th century began, people began to peer that paying little mind to extreme alive on the indistinguishable measure of corn as vulnerable Europeans, powerless Mesoamerican local people didn’t trap the condition. It turned out to be eventually seen that this happened because of the reality the standard preparing of corn inside the Americas covered “nixtamalization,” in which the kernels had been retained limewater preceding hulling them. The dissolvable base plan unfurled the niacin that was found in the grain, anyway ahead of time unattainable. Independent of the expansive work of Dr. Joseph Goldberger between the 1910s and 1920s, which set up that pellagra wasn’t conveyed roughly through a germ but was caused by a deficiency in the diet, the condition was going on in pandemic degrees inside the rural Southern US till 1940. Presently, pellagra is normally common in all small areas of the field, especially areas that rely on meals help applications. A couple of nations certainly dispatching unfortified cornmeal rather than corn masa (nixtamalized corn) or supported cornmeal to agrarian worldwide areas or to their own crushed peoples. In the lowest classes of Indonesia, China, North Korea, and Africa you will find endemic pellagra.

The divulgence of essential nutrients and an approach to convey them has been so basic to human health that most of the individuals who have been fundamental to the disclosures have been nominated and awarded the Nobel prize in Medication; over 10 Nobel prizes had been parted among essentially 20 renowned analysts for the revelation or separation of different vitamins such as vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1, and B12. During the earliest 20th century, when standard products was begin produced with the vast number of supplementations, the infection rate surprisingly went down from most areas of the world. Incredibly, the minerals crucial for the human body expect relatively boundless components in caring for wellbeing. Regardless, people have not evidently had miles and tremendous huge issue getting these dietary enhancements, as most blossoms ingest various minerals from the soil. With the improved preparation of our food sooner or later of the 20th century, in any case, a part of these minerals has been lost, and highlight ought to be once again introduced to the ordinary Western diet practice through supplementation. Whereas the rest of the world, disposal as a result of battle, and unfortified meals from help programs, has left survivors with adequate energy, yet lacking dietary enhancements. Supplementation of help food and nearby stronghold of salt and flour is beginning to help give removed people (especially unstuck youngsters) some other chance at existence without these and diverse dietary diseases.


Now, last but not least, this disease is basically caused by a deficiency of vitamin D, which causes the body to be incapable of absorbing and storing calcium. Significantly less generally, it could moreover be triggered by a deficiency of calcium or phosphorus, anyway vitamin D deficiency is by far the greatest well-known rationale. In assessment of vitamin C, our body can supply vitamin D, anyway on the off danger that it has the metabolic harbingers available to it.

Our body produces vitamin D when our skin exposed to the essential sunlight (mainly in the early morning). When it is exposed, it forms cholecalciferol which is a result of reaction of the cholesterol present in our skin, this cholecalciferol then works inside the kidneys and liver to produce the healthy vitamin D. Even with an apparently strong eating standard, without adequate sun receptiveness, the body cannot make the vitamin D precursors completely all alone. That is doubtlessly returning as a prosperity dread among some evidently indoor social affairs of people, and is one in everything about a small bunch not many hypovitaminosis (vitamin deficiency) conditions now not saw as a “sickness of the past.” Fortunately, while the deficiency is seen, cholecalciferol can be clearly taken as a supplement upgrade or acquired from eating oils and organ meats, similar to cod liver oil, permitting our body to continue to get vitamin D.

You will find rickets mainly in kids because the deficiency’s greatest limit influences are on new bones; in adults, “bone-unwinding,” or osteocalcin, might be brought around through a practically identical supplement need. Nonetheless, in adults, it both takes more time to produce and will in vogue cause hint signs that something isn’t right just before bone curving sets in, similar to excessive pain in the bones, and unexplained muscle inadequacy. In young people, especially those who don’t or can’t get common enrollment, deformation and shaky area through the deficiency is regularly seen after significant harm has been accomplished to their developing skeletons.

The most common indication of rickets is on the epiphyses (advancement plates) of bones: The body can’t extend bones with the guide of putting away calcium, lastly winds up with bones that flare outward in an “estimating” appearance. It results as the thickness of wrists and joints.

So, prioritize your eating in both quality and quantity. And the last thing, never start or change a diet without talking to a health expert. Of course, they know better what you should and what you shouldn’t eat according to your body levels.


Controlling behaviour and its signs – Are you a part of it?

Controlling behaviors are never something you can be told about it all being just “in your head”, mostly when we hear about a controlling behavior we think about an intimate relationship, if that’s the actual scenario then those forms of controlling behaviors can result to a trauma that will last a little longer. The signs of a controlling behavior are mostly hidden under a veil, and it might prove to be hard to spot them at first but even after you feel yourself being controlled, its hard to snap back.

Building boundaries is something few of us fail in because the fear of being labelled exist but no doubt, you must portray you’re kind, too much of kindness and setting no limits can be deeply dangerous.

Forms of a controlling behavior

Controlling behavior comes in various forms, it can be the silent treatment that guilt traps the other one, you may try to raise your voices in order to show dominancy or it might even be something like making the partner always feel unworthy even of the slightest love, which isn’t true.

After reading this entire article, if you agree to everything mentioned here to be what you’re going through as well, then it might be you who needs to change the behavior because you’re too controlling but you find these to be the features of your spouse then they surely have a controlling personality and its always better to look out for signs.

The root causes of a controlling behavior

A controlling behavior doesn’t appear out of nowhere, its rooted deep inside a person, it might be something as anxiety issues or the fear of ending up alone. The controlling behavior rises when the person is constantly suffering from a low self-esteem or may have some past traumatic experiences which have led them to this.

A controlling behavior can never be justified enough to stay with the person, it might even be short term but if you ever witness a behavior like that then you should better know that it’ll happen again. One of the causes of controlling behavior can also be that when you’re mirroring some control then you’re never ready to work on yourself because one tends to believe that the other party is at fault and they’re the one falling victim to the toxic behavior towards them.  Some of the most common types of controlling behaviors can be like these:


The act of manipulation plays a great role when it comes to a controlling behavior, for example your partner didn’t purchase the dress you selected for them, it looked too good, but they still turned towards something that was duller in color and less sparkles, rejecting the glamorous dress you picked for them. Later, you try to ignore them and treat them with the “silent treatment” and even stop eating food just to show to what extent they’ve hurt your feelings till the time they apologize for hours and show that you’re the one who’s dominant.

Thinking of being used as a scapegoat

In this case you think of being the one who always makes sacrifices just to make things go towards the right side and expect the partner’s contribution to be nothing but the damage they’ve done to you. It’s always witnessed that the partner is guilty of ruining things in the relationship till a point where your partner might stop having a say and believe to be the one who needs to obey everything you say.  


Defensiveness can be a feeing or a behavior, under this title we’ll be talking about behavior, it’s the time when one starts defending himself by shifting the focus of the topic on the partner because he doesn’t want anyone to acknowledge his faults. You then try to divert the topic and constantly blame the other one even if it’s your behavior that needs improvement. A major part of this is when the person with a controlling behavior even argues how his actions should be protected and that’s even well justified.

Inquiring about the specifics

According to Mary Bono, a clinical psychologist in Texas says, “This mostly happens when your partner is the one who must decide and, in that process, you inquire about the details but fail to show any participation just because you want the entire hold of the decision to make things go your way. You might even think that your partner is making you fall guilty for asking for an entire ownership of the decision-making process but according to you, its your partner who shouldn’t have a say in dealings like that.  


Self-deprecation is mainly defined as a behavior when you mostly criticize yourself for not being good enough or being extremely negative about yourself and this is just another type of defensiveness, where you try to control the partner by belittling yourself just to get some attention and appreciation. After a while, your partner might stop giving kind gestures or compliments just because they find themselves in a position where they’re too afraid to hurt you.

Acting as an exhaustive critique

Some constructive criticism might be fine and that too not regularly but constantly criticizing everything about your partner, from physical features to race and ethnicity, you judge and criticize over everything in order to make yourself feel superior and worthy of more just because the partner belongs to what the society values less but actually that’s just a concept you’re trapped in but you force the misconceptions on them just to make them feel that they’re the one who’s unworthy of whatever you’re giving them.


Enmeshment, if in its extreme can be the cause of a great damage to the partner. You to get as close as one can to your partner just to feel safe and secure because they’re always sure of the fact that the relationship is safe and secure, and the partner should never leave.

In a situation of enmeshment, there’s nothing as my decision or my friend but it always must contain “us” and forcing that can be dangerous even if one thinks this is ground of every relationship and they’re never supposed to have independent engagements in their lives which can keep them caught up.