Alleviate Sleep Problems with The Help of Yoga

Yoga has always made its way to the top whenever the conversation of living a healthy lifestyle has occurred but without a doubt, for alleviating sleep problems, yoga has indeed been seriously effective. For issues like insomnia yoga has done wonders to people who have went through numerous medications or couldn’t ever sleep without medications. Here are 7 ways yoga can actually bring a difference in your lives.

Warm Up for The Day:

To increase your consciousness, this yoga will be perfect to start your day with. Sun salutation ages more than 3,500 years but today, in simple terms it can be called as a warm up for the day. It relieves stress, helps you stay alert and leads you to concentrating the daily tasks of your life.

Resetting Your Brain:

This is a meditation for the day, mainly suggested for office workers and to perform this, just book a meeting room or the spare room of your office and start the practice of inhaling and exhaling. Continue this for almost 10 times and after that breath normally, your breath will adjust to the normality and become shallower with time. If this exercise is practiced for at least 10 times, consider yourself ready for the day.

Breath Breaks And Bed Time Yoga:

This should be done at least three to four times a day or more, breath in the back of the middle area of your ribcage, right at your bra line. This practice will help you stay more energized and these deep breaths allow you to feel more awake and energized. To have a steadily balanced feeling in your day, continue this practice without a real strain to do so.

Bed time: buddha belly breathing is actually opposite of bikini belly breathing, you breath from the lower side of your belly and then let it draw out between your pubic bone and the navel, now whenever you breath in into the deep low belly, this stretches out the area gently and brings a lengthened exhale here. Make longer exhalations, for example at the count of four inhale go for three exhales. This effectively helps with the functions of your nervous system.

The Afternoon Meditation:

This is mostly that time of the day where you are mostly headed towards the gym or have some coffee or enjoy something sweet. With this yoga exercise you’ll be have more time primed for your night.

  • The first step is to sit on the floor, legs stretched out straight and now bring your hands straight out reaching till the toes. Bow till your toes, its better to have a pillow where you can have your bowed head rest on or if there’s no pillow available then simply rest your head on the floor.
  • This exercise is like a mental reset button that you press to balance your breathing. keep breathing from your nostrils while noticing the temperature around you and the moisture of the air but don’t let that affect your breathing just carry along with your practice. This exercise is mental relaxation from a small area of your brain without any distractions.

Short Meditations for The Day:

Make mini meditation moments for yourself with this little exercise, sit on your yoga mat and shut your eyes. Try to figure out the places where tension occurs in your body, imagine to inhale where the tension exists in your body and exhale releasing the tension from that part, now when you’re going to sleep you’ll notice less piled up tensions in your body giving you a relaxed night to sleep.

Practices Before Bed Time:

  1. Organic or Dim Light of the room: Make the light dim of your room, your brain has melatonin which allows you to relax and sleep when there’s less light in your surroundings and that’s why we tend to sleep at often darker areas with a peaceful environment. The organic light of yoga, the dim red light help you calm down, release the stress and have a peaceful night of sleep.
  2. Feet therapy: Take your shoes several times a day to let them feel the natural sensation. Before bed, pop them in the sink or just take a shower and then right after that massage them with some oils, raw sesame oil has great benefits and then just target the points for a reflexology. Some essential oils work perfect for this practice as well.
  3. Calming signals to the brain: Just press the middle area, branches out in brows, direct your finger straight to your nose and this will help sending a calm signal to your brain. Meanwhile raising the eye brows does an opposite job than calming you down, it actually activates your nervous system and stimulating both of these practices will help you have an easier and a calmer face.

 Performing these practices of yoga during your day will stretch the muscles and accumulate your nerves to allow you a peaceful sleep at night, bringing therapeutic benefits and meditates tensions in the body that don’t allow a calm and peaceful sleep.

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